Tokyo leads in its cutting-edge fashion and beauty trends. Beyond being the capital of beauty in Japan, it’s home to some talented hair and makeup artists. From high-fashion editorials, to elegant bridal looks, these artists can do it all!

Here, we highlight 16 hair and makeup artists in Tokyo who are redefining beauty standards. Each one of them brings a unique vision and aesthetic. With their expertise, they can execute anything from the natural to the avant-garde.

Through their portfolios, they showcase a diverse range of talents, creativity, and expertise. Join us as we explore the inspiring work of Tokyo’s finest hair and makeup artists. See what sets them apart in a city that never ceases to impress.

If you are planning to hire a photographer in Tokyo, you should definitely one of these 16 talented hair and make-up artists that will enhance your natural beauty!

The 16 Best Hair & Make Up Artists in Tokyo

  1. Nene (@nene.hmu)
  2. Asuka (@hairmake.asuka)
  3. Taca (@taca_ozawa)
  4. Yoshida Miyuki (@yoshida_miyuki112)
  5. Ellie (@ellie.hair_make)
  6. Maria José Sanz (@majosaboh)
  7. Hanako (@hanako_mua)
  8. Vlada Arkhipova (@vlada71)
  9. Lily (@lily.makeuparts)
  10. Kou (@601kou)
  11. Izumi (@izubee)
  12. Kinomi (@kinomimakeup)
  13. Natalia Silkina (@natalia_silk)
  14. Eriko Yamamoto (@erikoyamamoto1)
  15. Ayane (@ayane_makeup)
  16. Maria Sukhanova (@maria_nova)

1. Nene

As a professional, Nene knows what it’s like to be both an artist and a model. Nene’s extensive experience grants her makeup artistry its unique flair and style. Her portfolio covers everything from eye-catching editorial shoots to chic bridal makeup.

Nene specializes in creating subtle yet impactful looks using different techniques and hues. To her, the model’s face is a canvas that can shine with the right blend of shadows and colors.

Her creative vision shines through in each masterpiece she creates. Her distinctive style and approach to beauty puts her among the best makeup artists in Tokyo!

Instagram: @nene.hmu

2. Asuka


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A post shared by Hair Make up ASUKA (@hairmake.asuka)

Asuka is a makeup artist renowned for her expert technique and unique aesthetics. She has won several awards for her makeup looks for different campaigns. Currently, she works with with A-pro, a hair and makeup management company. She’s also worked with magazines and some big names, like NCT’s Taeyong.

A balance of natural elegance and bold creativity characterizes her style. She’s great at building a flawless base that emphasizes her client’s natural features. Notably, her use of color is both sophisticated and innovative.

As an artist, she’s able to create both subtle and earthy and vibrant makeup that’s sure to draw attention. Her proven experience and unique style makes Asuka one of the best makeup artists in Tokyo.

Instagram: @hairmake.asuka

3. Taca


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A post shared by Takatoshi (Taca) Ozawa (@taca_ozawa)

Taca stands out in Tokyo’s beauty scene for their avant-garde style and techniques. Their work is a fusion of high fashion and street style. This bold and artistic approach makes their looks striking and memorable.

Their artistry often features dramatic eyes, with daring colors and glitters. They make use of a mix of matte and shimmer textures to create multidimensional finishes.

Because of his skills, Taca is considered a favorite among fashion-forward clients. They are also affiliated with assort Tokyo, a salon that goes viral for their hair and makeup looks. Taca is definitely someone to consider for conceptualizing your next makeup look.

Instagram: @taca_ozawa

4. Yoshida Miyuki


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A post shared by 吉田美幸 (@yoshida_miyuki112)

With her refined and sophisticated style, Miyuki Yoshida is a makeup artist to look out for in Tokyo. She specializes in makeup that enhances natural beauty with a touch of subtle glamor. Her signature looks include radiant looks that highlight her client’s best features.

With her artistry, she can create looks that range from subtle to softly dramatic. Her palette is a harmonious blend of earth tones and soft pastels that reflect on the eyes, cheeks and lips.

With her versatility, her makeup looks are appropriate for any occasion. It’s great for bridal makeup, fashion editorials, and simple everyday elegance. Miyuki is definitely someone you can trust to bring out the best in your looks.

Instagram: @yoshida_miyuki112

5. Ellie


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A post shared by ellie.hair_make (@ellie.hair_make)

Ellie approaches makeup with a modern style and a versatile technique. Her skills can execute any look, from the classic to the cutting-edge. Her best looks feature classy looks inspired by Japanese and European style.

Beyond her makeup skills, Ellie is also known for her impeccable hair styling. These, combined with her stylish makeup, create unique looks that only she can do.

Her portfolio features elegant bridal makeup, edgy, high-fashion styles, and trendy editorial looks. Besides this, she’s committed to the expression of “stereotype-free beauty”. This means focusing on unifying international interpretations of aesthetics. Her unique style gives her a well-deserved reputation in the Tokyo beauty scene.

Instagram: @ellie.hair_make

6. Maria José Sanz

Maria José is a Spanish makeup and hair stylist based in Tokyo. With a decade of experience, she specializes in commercial, editorial, and bridal makeup.

While her looks tend to be more subtle, they always have a little something that makes them pop. It could be a bold, red liner, a daring lip color, or a shimmering eyeshadow.

Her works reflect her philosophy when it comes to beauty. Inspired by Nature, she prioritizes minimal beauty but with an artistic touch. If this sounds like your style, she might be the makeup artist for you.

Instagram: @majosaboh

7. Hanako

Hanako is a distinguished makeup artist based in Tokyo but trained in Los Angeles. Her skills enable her to create innovative and artistic looks that stand out in any campaign. Her experience has led her to work with brands like Adidas and Japanese celebrities.

Like most artists, her portfolio features her versatile style. Some of her looks are more on the ethereal side with subtle gradients. Others feature more vibrant colors and intricate designs for statement looks.

Her work includes elegant bridal makeup, daring, editorial looks, and flawless campaign styles. All of her works are a testament to her skills as a makeup creative in Tokyo.

Instagram: @hanako_mua

8. Vlada Arkhipova


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A post shared by Vlada Arkhipova MUA Tokyo (@vlada71)

Vlada is a leading makeup artist in Tokyo recognized for her bold and dynamic makeup looks. Her work involves collaborating with makeup brands, editorials and international artists. She also does bridal makeup looks for those in Japan.

Her extensive portfolio features dramatic and multidimensional styles. She’s known to use rich hues to highlight the eyes and lips. Her precision with graphic eyeliner also shines through in most of her works.

Whether it’s red carpet glam, high-fashion editorials, or bridal makeup, Vlada can do it. As one of Tokyo’s top makeup artists, she stays true to her creative vision to create unique and memorable looks.

Instagram: @vlada71

9. Lily

Lily is an Indonesian makeup artist based in Tokyo. She specializes in simple glam makeup for any occasion. Most of her clients are couples and young women seeking elegant makeup styles.

Apart from makeup services, she also does hair styling for both men and women. If you’re looking to take pre-wedding or couple shoots, she offers packages for that as well.

Her skills shine in both subtle, everyday looks and more dramatic, evening styles. She also has experience with editorial shoots, where she collaborated with Canva. With her skills, Lily can definitely enhance all your best features.

Instagram: @lily.makeuparts

10. KOU


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A post shared by KOU makeup (@601kou)

Kou is a makeup artist in Tokyo known for his bold and creative approach to makeup artistry. His skills can execute any type of concept, whether unconventional or contemporary. Beyond makeup services, he also offers nail design and hair styling upon request.

As an artist, Kou uses color in a fearless and innovative way. Deep, rich hues to bright, electrifying shades are all included in his palette. His looks are eye-catching, featuring dramatic colors, intricate patterns, and even unique textures.

His portfolio covers everything: from avant-garde editorial styles to chic, modern elegance. With a keen eye for details and unique aesthetics, Kou stands out as a makeup artist in Tokyo.

Instagram: @601kou

11. Izumi

Looking for a makeup artist who can do chic and modern looks? Izumi might be the makeup artist for you. Having been a professional makeup artist for 15 years, she has worked on a variety of looks and projects.

Most recently, she holds workshops to teach clients about her passion for makeup. There, she’ll give you tips and recommendations for the best makeup look for you. You’ll also learn about the secrets to keeping a youthful look through skincare and the right makeup. If you’re interested, check it out here.

Izumi can create flawless looks that will make you embody Japanese beauty. She can create looks that range from delicate and subtle to contemporary and bold. Her approachability and versatility makes her a sought-after artist in Tokyo.

Instagram: @izubee

12. Kinomi

If there’s anyone who perfectly captures Japanese beauty, it’s Kinomi. Based in Tokyo, she’s a makeup artist who stands out for her mix of elegant, creative, and ethereal makeup looks. She does makeup for weddings, editorials, and commercials.

Kinomi’s extensive experience lets her showcase a diverse range of styles. She can do both romantic and timeless looks and cutting-edge editorial looks. Her use of soft and vibrant hues come together to enhance her clients’ natural beauty.

She specializes in more minimal looks that make you naturally radiant and sophisticated. Kinomi’s versatility makes her a great choice for those looking for a makeup artist in Tokyo.

Instagram: @kinomimakeup

13. Natalia Silkina


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Natalia creates ethereal and enchanting looks for the most romantic occasions. Most of her clients involve couples who want to look their best in pre-wedding shoots. As an artist, she has also worked with editorials for bolder and more experimental looks.

According to your desired aesthetic, she will work to emphasize your inherent beauty. Her palette usually includes delicate blends of shimmering shadows and subtle tones. These combine to create enchanting looks that are whimsical and elegant. Her versatility as an artist will make her a dependable choice for your next photoshoot!

Instagram: @natalia_silk

14. Eriko Yamamoto


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Eriko’s distinct style as an artist shines in her subtle glam and chic looks. By combining modern trends and timeless elegance, she creates memorable, contemporary looks. Her work consistently makes her client’s shine using innovative and refined techniques.

As an artist, Eriko can do it all! From unconventional, chic, and graceful, her artistry covers a wide array of styles. She masterfully uses either subtle or dramatic shades to make a statement.

Apart from makeup services, she also does hair styling. She’s definitely an artist to consider for when you want both experience and creativity.

Instagram: @erikoyamamoto1

15. Ayane


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Ayane is a makeup artist from Tokyo who’s known for her fashionable looks. With her skills, she can transform a model to look pretty and edgy, depending on the style.

She works with a diverse range of concepts and colors. Most of her looks, however, are on the softer and more subtle end. With Ayane, less is more when it comes to highlighting her clients’ beauty.

Instagram: @ayane_makeup

16. Maria Sukhanova

Upfront, Maria’s portfolio pops with bold colors and modern concepts. Her ability to fuse modern trends and personal creativity makes her stand out. Her distinct looks position her as a leading makeup figure in Tokyo’s beauty industry.

The eye makeup she does is particularly striking. They involve daring color choices, interesting patterns, and other elaborate details. Her expertise extends to creating well-defined brows and lips that enhances anyone’s features.

Maria has mostly worked on high-fashion editorial shoots that usually have unconventional concepts. Through this, she’s honed her skills to innovate a unique aesthetic that she can call her own. She pushes the boundaries of conventional beauty, both in commercial and everyday settings.

Instagram: @maria_nova

That’s a wrap! Those were some of the top-tier hair and makeup artists in Tokyo that you should look out for. As experts in their craft, they pave the way for new standards of beauty.

Their unique styles bring out the same dynamic energy of Tokyo’s beauty industry. Truly, they deserve to be at the forefront of the industry to reconceive what’s beautiful. Their ability to use makeup to create some of the most creative looks out there is a testament to their craft.

We can’t wait to see how these artists will influence and inspire trends as they come. If you want to stay tuned to their work, give them a follow!

Hopefully you enjoyed this article on some of the best makeup artists in Tokyo. Do you know other artists that should be on this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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