A proposal of love is already unforgettable, but turning it into a memory makes it a lot more special. Doing that requires a maestro behind the lens. Even more so if you’re doing it in a place as wondrous as Japan!

Hiring a great proposal photographer is a lot of pressure, and we’re here to help you out. Whether you’re planning to propose in the urban streets of Tokyo or in the midst of the majestic Mt. Fuji, there’s a perfect photographer for you. From planning to editing, a photographer can bring your dream proposal to life.

This article is your one-stop guide to finding the photographer you need to turn the moment she says “Yes!” into an unforgettable memory. Let’s dive right into it!

1. Romantic Couple/Proposal Photoshoot in Tokyo’s Unique Spots with TG

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Meet TG, our first photographer on the list. For couples wanting to pop the question in Tokyo, TG is the man for the job. His keen eye for romantic locales will guide you to the perfect romantic spots in the city to ask the big question.

You can tailor fit the experience by informing him about the atmosphere you’d like for the proposal. Whether it’s a proposal surrounded by nature or the city’s bustling lights, he can definitely do it. He can also capture the genuine moment of a surprise proposal, just let him know!

After the session, you can expect a quick turnaround for your pictures. His sessions include 10 to 15 high quality pictures which you’ll receive within a week.

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2. Couple/Proposal Photoshoot in Tokyo’s Most Popular Spots with JJ

Next is JJ, a photographer who has already worked with hundreds of couples! For couples looking for new spots to discover in Tokyo, you can trust in Jay’s recommendations.

Some of the most requested locations for proposal shoots with JJ include:

  • Temples and shrines while wearing traditional kimono
  • Parks like Shinjuku Gyoen, Rikugien garden or also Kiyosumi garden (better to go here during autumn or spring for the maple leaves and cherry blossoms)
  • Night photography in Shinjuku or Shibuya
  • Tokyo Disney Land or Disney Sea

Whether you’re looking for a lively, or relaxing vibe, JJ can capture those moments for you. Shoots with JJ last for 1 hour, and you can get 50 high quality, edited pictures a week after the session.

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3. Romantic Proposal Photoshoot at Mt. Fuji with TG

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Looking to ask the question outside of Tokyo? TG can take your proposal to a special location: Mt. Fuji! If it has always been your dream to make the promise of forever with a gorgeous backdrop, then this is for you.

That “Yes!” from her deserves nothing less than Fuji-san blessing your love. If you’re opting to keep the proposal a secret, you can also inform TG about your plan. What better way to take that leap of love than with one of the world’s greatest mountains behind you?

Sessions with TG last for 1 hour. 20 edited photos will be sent to you within a week after the shoot.

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4. Cinematic Couple Photoshoot in Shinjuku with DD

Want a more cinematic vibe to your photos? Then, DD is the photographer for you. He’ll take you to Tokyo’s most romantic, hidden gems for your big moment.

DD’s standout style will make your proposal pictures one of a kind. Expect a tour around the Shinjuku and the Kabukicho area to find the perfect spot for you. You also don’t need to be a professional model because he’ll guide you every step of the way.

While he usually takes couple photographs, DD can do proposal photos too. Sessions with him last 1 hour and you can get 30 edited photos for you proposal keepsake.

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5. Proposal Photoshoot in Kyoto’s Most Scenic Spots with Taka

Best Proposal Spots In Kyoto

Kyoto is the place where nature and tradition converge. For couples looking to ask the question of a lifetime here, then Taka has got you covered. He’s a Japanese photographer based in Kyoto with lots of experience.

Not only is he skilled, he’s also knowledgeable about all the best spots for your Kyoto proposal. Here are some of his recommendations:

  • Popular spots in the Higashiyama area
  • Beautiful Torii Gates at the Fushimi Inari shrine
  • Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

He’s also open to specific requests, as well as some hidden spots, in case you’re looking for something unique. Taka’s sessions last an hour and include 50 high definition pictures.

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6. Couple/Proposal Photoshoot At Iconic Spots in Osaka with DR

Osaka is romantic in its own right, making it the perfect place to say that promise of forever. DR, an Osaka-based photographer, can capture this important chapter of your love story. He’ll be your city guide, photographer, and friend all in one!

Being a local, he knows all the best spots to capture that sweet moment when you ask the big question. He recommends Osaka Castle and Dohtonbori streets for shooting locations. His sessions last an hour and include 35 edited pictures ready for sharing.

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7. Magical Proposal Photoshoot at Mount Fuji

Planning a memorable proposal? Why not propose with one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks behind you! Mt. Fuji is one of the most well-known places in Japan for a reason. It’s an absolutely majestic sight all year round, making it the perfect place to have a romantic moment.

For this photo session, your photographer JC will guide you so that you can get the best possible angle of Mt. Fuji for your proposal. He is also here to assist your proposal from start to finish, so you can be sure that everything will go smoothly. With his help and your planning, you and your partner will definitely share a magical moment with one of Japan’s most beautiful landscapes!

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8. Love is in the Air: Couple Photoshoot in Tokyo

And finally, we want to recommend this romantic couple’s photoshoot in Tokyo! This photo session spans a lot of the best spots in Tokyo. Whether you want more traditional shots in front of the city’s shrines, temples, and palaces or you want something more chic that showcases the city’s urban jungle, this photographer can do it all for you. This is the perfect way to immortalize your trip to Tokyo!

Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal or you and your fiancee are looking to have your first photo shoot as an engaged couple, this photo session might be perfect for you. If you’re not sure which Tokyo spots would be perfect for you, don’t worry. Your local photographer is more than capable of showing you all the best spots in the city depending on what vibe you’re going for. Overall, this is one romantic way to treasure your best memories with your partner.

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With the right photographer behind the lens, your proposal won’t just be a moment–it’ll be a masterpiece. The vibe, look, and feel of your pictures depend on the click of the artist you choose. That’s why it’s important to choose the right photographer for your picture preferences.

The right photographer will transform your love story into an unforgettable memory. Your iconic proposal will live on in your pictures and happily ever after in your heart.

We hope this article helped you find the photographer you need for that proposal of a lifetime. Stay healthy, happy, and in love in the land of the rising sun!

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