We’re sure you know all about the amazing sights of Tokyo, Kyoto, and maybe even Osaka. Those three cities are deservedly popular because of their unique characters. But when it comes to cities in Japan, have you ever considered traveling to Fukuoka?

As the capital of Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka is known for having beautiful historical sites, amazing beaches, and trendy shopping streets. This gem of a city might be lesser known than other travel destinations, but we’re sure Fukuoka has many things you will enjoy!

Join us as we go through 12 of the most Instagram-worthy places in this gorgeous city. By the end of this list, we’ll have you booking the nearest flight to Fukuoka!

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1. Fukuoka Castle


For a list about the most photogenic places in Fukuoka, it only makes sense to start with one of its representative landmarks. Built all the way back in 1601, the magnificent Fukuoka Castle lies right in the center of the city on top of the Fukusaki Hill. Also known as “Maizuru Castle” or “Seki Castle,” the Fukuoka Castle was completed in the early Edo Period.

Today, it stands as a recognized historical site that’s been preserved by the Japanese government. The awesome traditional architecture of the castle will make you feel like instant royalty. The castle itself is also surrounded by beautiful nature, so you’re guaranteed a great time taking photos from every angle.

Exact Location: Fukuoka Castle

2. Beach Cafe SUNSET


From historical sites to more modern landmarks, Fukuoka has it all. Up next, we’re recommending one of the trendiest cafes you can visit in the city. Located in Futamigaura, this charming cafe serves pasta made with fresh seafood, energizing coffee blends, and even vibrant cocktails.

But the best part? Beach Cafe SUNSET has a garden-like terrace that gives you a front-row seat to the beautiful ocean view! True to its name, Beach Cafe SUNSET provides immaculate sunset views, so we definitely recommend getting a seat right when the day is about to end!

Exact Location: Beach Cafe SUNSET

3. Miyajidake Shrine


Another amazing spot to watch the sunset is the Miyajidake Shrine. Located in northwestern Fukuoka, Miyajidake Shrine houses many sacred objects that are said to bless people with good fortune and spiritual awakening. Established back in 400 AD, Miyajidake Shrine is one of Japan’s best-preserved places of cultural and religious heritage.

Pro tip? We recommend visiting this place either in late February or late October. During these months, visitors will get to witness the awesome “Path of Light” phenomenon, where the sunlight forms a straight line from Miyajihama Beach all the way to the steps of the Miyajidake Shrine.

Exact Location: Miyajidake Shrine

4. Nokonoshima Island Park


If you’re a fan of flowers (who isn’t?), then Nokonoshima Island Park is a must-visit! Located on Nokonoshima Island, this amazing garden blooms all year round. The rolling fields are full of bright and colorful flowers that would definitely pop on your Instagram feed.

No matter what season you choose to visit, the Nokonoshima Island Park will still have amazing sights for you to see. From nanohana blossoms in the spring, sunflowers in summer, cosmos in autumn, and daffodils in the winter, this park is a sight to behold no matter the season. There are even cottages in the area where you can spend the night!

Exact Location: Nokonoshima Island Park

5. Yusentei Park Garden


In Fukuoka, you won’t run out of great gardens to visit! Another one we have to recommend is the Yusentei Park Garden. This lovely little park is the perfect place to relax in. Because of its relaxing atmosphere, you’ll forget that you’re right in the middle of the bustling city!

With ponds, traditional bridges, and thousands of picturesque plants, the Yusentei Park Garden is also a great location for a photo walk. Enjoy the nice weather and whip your camera out as you stroll through this quiet pocket in Fukuoka.

Exact Location: Yusentei Park Garden

6. Nyoirinji Temple


Our next spot is yet another one that showcases Fukuoka’s rich cultural heritage — as well as its quirky personality! Also known as the “Kaerudera” or “Frog Temple,” Nyoirinji Temple is home to over 10,000 frog-shaped figures and objects. These adorable figurines bring joy to every visitor.

Their humorous expressions also make for great Instagram shots! This trend actually began when one of the temple priests brought back a frog figure from his China trip. Since then, the number of frog figurines has only increased.

Exact Location: Nyoirinji Temple

7. Ashiya Sand Sculpture Exhibition


We’ve already mentioned that Fukuoka is famous for its sparkling coastlines. But if you think the beaches here are just your regular old beaches, then you would be mistaken. In fact, Ashiya Beach in northern Fukuoka is especially famous for having one of the most amazing Sand Sculpture Festivals in the world!

This festival usually happens in late October. Ashiya Beach has fine white sand that’s perfect not just for lounging and sunbathing, but also for creating impressive sand sculptures. At night, the sculptures are lit up, making for an even more Instagrammable sight.

Exact Location: Ashiya Sand Sculpture Exhibition

8. Keya Beach


Another beach you simply have to visit is Keya. It’s one of the most popular beaches in Fukuoka for a reason! The bright blue waters run relatively shallow, which makes it perfect for water activities like swimming and kayaking. The sand is soft enough to walk barefoot in, and the scenery is just to die for.

Watch the sky burst into a million different colors as it sets on the horizon. In Keya Beach, you won’t run out of things to do. Whether you’re a fan of water sports, beach sports, eating out, or simply admiring the scenery, this summer paradise is perfect for you.

Exact Location: Keya Beach

9. Miike Salt Lake


For something a little more unique, we recommend checking out the Miike Salt Lake. Located in the hidden gem of Omuta City, the Miike Salt Lake is truly a sight to behold. Miike Salt Lake is a hidden gem that has just recently been gaining traction on social media.

Get ready to take some mindblowing photos as the surface of the so-called “salt lake” dramatically reflects the sky above. If you take your photos well, it will come out as if you’re floating in the sky!

Exact Location: Miike Salt Lake

10. Nanzoin Temple


Yet another jaw-dropping temple you have to visit in Fukuoka is the Nanzoin Temple. This is one of the more popular Buddhist temples not just in Fukuoka but in the entire Kyushu Region. The show-stopping landmark of this temple is the huge Reclining Buddha sculpture!

Over 135 feet (41 meters) long, it is said to be the biggest bronze statue in the world. Pair that with the gorgeous traditional architecture and natural features of Nanzoin Temple and you’ve got yourself an amazing photo spot. The best part? Admission is absolutely free!

Exact Location: Nanzoin Temple

11. Canal City Hakata


Aside from amazing natural scenery and jaw-dropping traditional architecture, Fukuoka is also full of great festivals and events that even locals love going to. Here in the Canal City Hakata, the main attraction is the colorful fountain show that you can watch at night.

The fountains “dance” to the beat of the music all while vibrant lights and projected images complete the show. It’s definitely a sight to see and perfect for the whole family. After watching the show, you can also explore the many restaurants and shops in the area.

Exact Location: Canal City Hakata

12. Fukuoka Tower


And finally, we’re ending this list with one of the most iconic places in all of Fukuoka. At over 234 meters (768 feet) tall, the Fukuoka Tower stands as the tallest seaside tower in all of Japan! It’s one of the city’s most beloved landmarks. You even have the option to climb the tower and get greeted with an amazing panoramic view of the entire city.

At night, the tower gets lit up with colorful lights that change pretty frequently, so you can always return to the Tower and be greeted with a new sight.

Exact Location: Fukuoka Tower

We hope you enjoyed our guide to Fukuoka! Which one of these photo spots are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comments!

Fukuoka is an incredible place with so many amazing areas for you to explore. It might not be as well-known as the big urban centers of Japan, but it definitely has its own charm that draws in thousands of tourists annually. From unique cultural sites to stunning beaches, we’re sure you won’t get tired of snapping pics of this incredible Japanese city!

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