When it comes to Japanese nightlife, you can’t go wrong with Tokyo. It’s a city that never sleeps so you definitely won’t run out of things to do here — no matter the time of day! Shibuya is a special ward within Tokyo that’s especially known for its nightlife. After all, it’s both the financial and entertainment center of the city. That means you can always find a cool new bar, a classy pub, or a trendy hole-in-the-wall restaurant to check out here!

To get you started, we’ve listed just 10 of the best things you can do in Shibuya at night.

1. Walk the Shibuya Crossing


Of course, when talking about Shibuya, you have to mention the famous Shibuya Crossing. Who knew a simple crosswalk would become a world-renowned tourist spot? Shibuya Crossing is one of the busiest crosswalks in the world. It truly is such an experience to walk among thousands of people in this vibrant city. The energy is just unmatched, and to get lost in that crowd is truly something special. At night, Shibuya Crossing becomes even more captivating because of all the city lights. A simple walk here can become an instant photoshoot!

Exact Location: Shibuya Crossing

2. Go Izakaya Hopping

Shibuya is home to some amazing izakayas. Izakayas are basically traditional pubs that serve alcoholic drinks and snacks. Izakayas offer a much more relaxed and informal atmosphere so this is where many people hang out after work. Shibuya is home to a lot of different izakayas — from high-end ones to hidden gems. There are even bar-hopping tours in Shibuya that you can join! To get you started, here are two popular izakayas in the district.

Takamaru Denki


This neon-lit pub is worth going to just for the decor. The entire space has an eccentric vibe that definitely makes it stand out from other bars. They also serve amazing dishes inspired by local night markets but elevated to a whole new level. We recommend trying Takamaru Denki’s signature teppanyaki-style omelette, crushed-ramen-coated karaage, and pink lemon sour.

Exact Location: Takamaru Denki



Another izakaya you must go to is Hanchika. It’s a large venue that’s capable of housing over a hundred people! That’s because Hancika also usually doubles as an event space. Check out their local music gigs or flea markets! Hanchika offers yummy snacks and finger food, usually steamed varieties. If you’re here, we also recommend checking out one of their indie wines that are sourced from all over the world. Their collection is always rotating so you can expect to try something new!

Exact Location: Hanchika

Shibuya Yokocho

And last but not the least, we have Shibuya Yokocho. If you’re only traveling to Tokyo, you might feel sad about missing out on some of the other regions of Japan. But don’t worry — here at Shibuya Yokocho, you can travel all around the country while staying in one spot!

Shibuya Yokocho is actually a cluster of many different izakayas all specializing in different regional cuisines. From the menu, drinks, ambiance, and even the decor, each shop has a unique character. You will definitely feel like you’ve explored all of Japan when you wine and dine here!

Exact Location: Shibuya Yokocho

3. Dine at The Bellwood


Aside from izakayas, another establishment you should check out is The Bellwood. This classy restaurant is like a bar, a coffee shop, and a night market combined in one! Inspired by traditional coffee shops of the Taisho Era, the decor here is timeless and chic.

The Bellwood is also known for their craft cocktail creations made by the legendary bartender Atsushi Suzuki, who’s a Chivas Masters World Champion! Go check out their different blends and pair them with high-quality fresh nigiri sushi. If you want to treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience, definitely check out The Bellwood.

Exact Location: The Bellwood

4. Book a Night Photoshoot


The best part about traveling is taking photos! Hire a local photographer who will not only take amazing professional photos of you but also tour you around some of the city’s most photogenic streets. This specific photoshoot package is best for night photoshoots. Imagine posing against the neon-lit backdrop of Shibuya.

You will feel like you came straight off a neo-cyber punk movie. If you’ve never done a photoshoot before, don’t worry. This photographer can guide you on everything you need to know — from the best poses, locations, and even outfits!

Book It Here: Tokyo Streets Night Photoshoot

5. Shop at Don Quijote

Don Quijote Mega Shibuya

What’s a trip without some shopping? While Shibuya has a lot of different shopping streets you can explore, we recommend starting with the iconic Don Quijote. Open 24 hours, this discount store chain has its biggest location in Shibuya. You can find pretty much everything here — from quirky souvenirs to groceries, clothes, collectibles, and even liquor! The best part? It’s all duty-free so you can shop ’til you drop without breaking the bank!

Exact Location: Don Quijote

6. Go Cafe-Hopping

Exploring the city is a lot of work and it can get pretty tiring. That’s why we recommend checking out a cafe or two so you can unwind and have a light snack to recharge yourself. Shibuya is also home to many different kinds of cafes depending on what you’re looking for. Here are two options to get you started.

Valley Park Stand


This quiet cafe is a great place to relax. That’s why you can also see many students and employees getting work done in this cafe. It’s a stylish and open space with floor-to-ceiling windows — perfect for people-watching! Located on the 4th floor of the Miyashita Park Shopping Mall, Valley Park Stand is a Shibuya staple. We recommend trying out their delicious brewed coffee as well as their falafel pita sandwiches. In the evening, Valley Park Stand also doubles as a casual pub serving craft cocktails.

Exact Location: Valley Park Stand

Maidreamin Shibuya


For a bit more of a unique experience, why not try a maid cafe? In Maidreamin Shibuya, get ready to be treated like a “master” or a “princess”! These “maids” will dote on you and give you your every request. If you’ve never been to a maid cafe before, we recommend checking one out.

It’s certainly a unique experience and something you can only really try in Japan. In Maidreamin Shibuya, aside from being servers, the maids also put on cute dance performances to entertain the guests.

Book it Here: Maidreamin Shibuya

7. Watch the City from Above at Shibuya Sky


An eclectic place like Shibuya deserves to be seen from a bird’s eye view. It’s not enough to explore the city ground — no, you also have to check out how it looks from above! Shibuya Sky is an observation deck directly over Shibuya Station. At over 237 meters (778 feet) tall, this tower can definitely give you jaw-dropping panoramic views of the whole city. While Shibuya looks amazing no matter the time of day, we recommend checking out Shibuya Sky starting from sunset. Watch the city transform into a neon wonderland right before your eyes!

Book it Here: Shibuya Sky

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8. Enjoy a Comedy Show


Aside from traditional pubs, upbeat clubs, and cozy cafes, Shibuya also has plenty of performance spots where you can catch a great local show. Specifically, Shibuya has a vibrant comedy scene! Why not spend the evening enjoying a local stand-up show?

You may think it would be hard to enjoy the show because of language and cultural differences, but you would be wrong. Shibuya has plenty of comedy bars with shows in English that are popular among tourists. You can check out Yoshimoto Mugendai Dome and Tokyo Comedy Bar.

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9. Try Conveyor Belt Sushi


When in Japan, eating sushi is a must! A fun way to spice up the dining experience is going to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant! Here, dishes are served on a conveyor belt running throughout the entire restaurant. While Shibuya has plenty of conveyor belt restaurants, we especially recommend Uobei. They offer high-quality sushi at relatively cheaper price points. Their menu is also quite expansive, spanning from fresh tuna to A5 Wagyu beef, and more!

10. Sing Karaoke


Japan is the land of karaoke! Whether you’re a professional singer or tone-deaf, karaoke is one of the most fun ways you can spend the night. After all, karaoke isn’t really about singing well, right? It’s about getting a few drinks in, picking your favorite song, and having the time of your life with your friends. Shibuya has plenty of amazing karaoke spots left and right.

To start you off, we’re recommending a karaoke bar that would impress not just music lovers but also cinephiles! Check out Karaoke Kan where the iconic karaoke scene from “Lost in Translation” was filmed.

11. Enjoy Drinks With a View at Ce La Vi


If you want a classier end to your night, why not check out luxury clubs like Ce La Vi? Located on the 17th floor of a building in Shibuya, here you can admire the incredible Tokyo nightlife from up above while sipping on delicious cocktails. Ce La Vi is a club lounge where you can party ’til the sun comes up or simply sit back and watch the view.

They also often have guest performers and DJs to make the night even more exciting. Entrance fees depend on the day of the week, but in general, they cost around ¥1,500-¥2,500 ($10-$16) which already includes 1 drink!

Exact Location: Ce La Vi

12. Explore Love Hotel Hill

For our last Shibuya pick, we thought we’d go for something a bit spicier. You may have heard that love hotels are quite common in Japan. Basically, these are short-time motel stays that lovers often go to for a bit of privacy in the middle of the city. If you want to experience a love hotel, then lucky you! The largest concentration of love hotels in all of Tokyo is located in none other than Shibuya.

Love Hotel Hill, also known as Dogenzaka, has dozens of different love hotels for you to choose from. Whether you want one with a quirky theme like ninjas or the jungle, or you want something a bit more upscale and classy, Love Hotel Hill has a stay for you.

Pro tip? Prices generally get more expensive on Fridays and Saturdays, so be sure to plan your nights wisely!

Exact Location: Love Hotel Hill

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our guide to the Shibuya nightlife. Which spot caught your eye the most? Let us know in the comments!

Over the years, Shibuya has garnered a reputation for being a bustling and lively district within Tokyo. It’s an area that’s simply bursting with energy even after the sun goes down. The fun never stops in Shibuya. There will always be something new and exciting for you to explore no matter how many times you visit.

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