One of the most popular Instagrammable spot in Osaka is definitely the Glico Man located in Dotonbori. Everybody have seen this legendary sign that was designed by the Japanese confectionery company Glico. This running man has been there for more than 80 years now!

Bu do you actually know why Glico is using this running man as a mascot? The back story is pretty interesting so let me tell you about it!

It comes from Glico’s first product, a candy with caramel. The founder of the Riich Ezaki wanted to promote this candy as an energy product. In fact, each candy gives you enough calories to run 300 meters. To illustrate that, a running man has been used as a logo for that product and it’s still used to this day. What an original idea, right!

Glico Man Photo Spot

Glico Sign Running Man Dotonbori Osaka

With the rise of Social Media, especially Instagram, the Glico Man photo spot became super popular and you can’t visit Osaka without getting some shots there. By the way, if you want to hire a professional photographer in Osaka, you can check out this Neon photoshoot by night in Dotonbori!

Dotonbori Osaka Neon Photoshoot

Most people take pictures of the Glico Man at the Ebisu bridge that is just below the sign. But this area is becoming super crowded and sometimes, you even have to queue to take a nice picture.

What a lot of people don’t know is that you actually have a secret photo spot that is way better than the bridge!

Glico Running Man Secret Photo Spot

The exact location of this spot is actually pretty easy to find, if you know where it is! Instead of explaining how to get there with a long text, follow the instructions of this video and you will find it:

@martlindnerThe HIDDEN spot for Glico Running Man in Osaka, Japan.♬ Ready Let’s Go – DARKMINDS

As you can see, this photo spot has been specially made to take pictures of you with the Glico Man. When you take your pictures, try to make the white lines aligned and you will get an epic shot!

I hope you enjoyed this article and chut, this location is a secret between me and you. 🙂

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