Even Japanese locals would agree: Osaka is widely known as the country’s food capital! That’s why when you go here, it’s important to check out the restaurants, bakeries, and especially cafes–and not just the common tourist destinations. Dining at the local favorites won’t just give you a taste of Osaka, but of the entire Kansai region as well!

And besides, these cafes serve food and drinks that look–and taste!–so good, you won’t be able to resist. It’s a feast not just for the tastebuds but also for the eyes–and not to mention the Instagram feeds! We’ve compiled just 13 of the most must-visit cafes in Osaka. From sleek and minimalist shops to concept stores selling unique and Instagrammable desserts, we’ve got just about every kind of cafe here for you.

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1. Gufo Groovy Ice Cream


Up first we have an ice cream cafe that’s going to be your savior during the hot and humid days! Gufo Groovy Ice Cream is located just a 5-minute walk from the Shinsaibashi area. This cafe is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! You can upgrade your soft-serve twirls with a huge variety of different sauces and toppings like biscuit crumble, cake crumble, and more. They also serve parfaits for those who are more into fruity desserts!

Gufo Groovy Ice Cream also has a seasonal menu that you should definitely try. Their ingredients change based on what’s in season locally, so it’s also a good way to try out Osaka produce. Besides, the cute little shop and the adorable desserts are enough to keep you coming back for more!

Exact Location: Gufo Groovy Ice Cream

2. Giracha Coffee


Giracha Coffee is way more than just your average coffee shop. It’s a specialty store aiming to bring the community together. Giracha Coffee is a bicycle shop and a cafe all in one. Here you can check out all the trendiest models and maybe even gift yourself with a new bike. After all, Japanese bicycles are built different! Giracha Coffee also serves delicious drinks in a bar-like setting. The rich earthy brews are perfect for coffee lovers of all kinds, and the latte art makes each drink photoshoot-worthy.

Giracha Coffee also sells cute merch like T-shirts and tote bags that you can take back with you when you go home. What’s fun about these kinds of hobby establishments is you can easily meet new people who share the same interests as you! Who knows? Maybe you’ll even make a friend who can tour you around Osaka–on bikes!

Exact Location: Giracha Coffee

3. Fukushima Sugar


For some truly show-stopping desserts to pair with your brewed cup of coffee, head on over to Fukushima Sugar. Tucked in an alleyway about a fifteen-minute walk from Umeda Station, this dessert cafe serves French-style pastries with a uniquely Japanese twist. Fukushima Sugar combines the flavors and aesthetics of the two cuisines together to create a menu that looks as delightful as it tastes. For recommendations, you have to try their signature strawberry shortcake. It’s light, fluffy, creamy, and tart–everything you could ever ask for in a dessert!

As a patisserie specializing in French-style desserts, Fukushima Sugar also has their prized selection of eclairs for you to try. The technique to achieve such authentic eclairs cannot be overstated, yet Fukushima Sugar does these desserts with ease. This cozy little patisserie is the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth.

Exact Location: Fukushima Sugar

4. Bear Paw Cafe


If you want a unique, quirky, yet wholesome experience with a delicious cup of coffee on the side, then you must head on over to Bear Paw Cafe! This offbeat coffee shop has a pretty unique concept. To get your food and drinks, a pair of cuddly bear paws hands them to you through a hole in the wall! This wholesome little gimmick can definitely be a mood booster–not to mention, a perfectly Instagrammable moment!

This charming cafe in Uehommachi serves delicious treats like parfaits and cookies in addition to their roster of drinks. The best part? The servers wearing the bear paws are actually students from the Mental Support General School who are recovering from emotional disorders. Every time you receive your order, it’s like making a wholesome little human connection that will heal you both.

Exact Location: Bear Paw Cafe



Calling all bread lovers! LeBRESSO is nothing short of bread heaven. Located in the Grand Front Osaka Shopping Center, LeBRESSO is well-known for their wide range of delicious open-faced toasts for you to choose from. If you’re into classic flavors, try their honey and butter toast. If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, try the sour cream with brûléed honey apple combo.

One of their newest menu items is the milk fresh fruit toast which has homemade whipped yogurt cheese and a burst of sliced fresh fruits all over a thick buttery slice of brioche. Pair these incredible desserts with LeBRESSO’s rich espresso drinks. They also have non-coffee-based drinks for you to choose from!

Exact Location: LeBRESSO

6. Wad Omotenashi Cafe


Some of us prefer tea as our choice of caffeine source! Lucky for you, Japan and especially Osaka won’t be running out of quality teahouses anytime soon. Wad Omotenashi Cafe is one such establishment, located in the heart of downtown Osaka. Wad Omotenashi Cafe is the perfect place to escape when the hustle and bustle of Osaka life gets a bit too much. Their space is a mixture of sleek modernity and traditional Japanese aesthetics. The concrete walls and wooden shelves filled with all sorts of tea-drinking paraphernalia would look great on your Instagram feeds!

For matcha lovers, Wad Omotenashi Cafe is pretty much heaven. They have ceremonial whisked matcha and the strong hojicha drinks that will definitely satisfy even the pickiest of matcha drinkers. Wad Omotenashi Cafe also has a wide range of traditional Japanese drinks that would surely go well with whatever drink you order. From grilled mochi to different flavors of kakigori, dining at Wad Omotenashi Cafe is like letting your tastebuds take a trip through Japanese history!

Exact Location: Wad Omotenashi Cafe

7. Kohoro


Any coffee lover would find something to love here at Kohoro. It’s as classic as coffee shops can get. Kohoro’s simple organic design goes perfectly well with traditional Japanese aesthetics. It’s a cozy and quiet place, perfect for taking a break, spending some quality time, or even motivating yourself to become more productive. They serve classic coffee drinks from iced lattes to black coffee that will satisfy any kind of coffee aficionado. If you want something a little more different, we also recommend checking out their coffee jelly which is served with a dollop of whipped cream and a pot of sweet syrup!

Kohoro also serves plenty of desserts to go along with your caffeine fix. From these, we definitely recommend checking out the cheesecake pudding a la mode. Served with fresh fruits to undercut the sweetness, this unique dessert is a must-try and one of the signatures of this humble cafe.

Exact Location: Kohoro

8. The JTRRD Cafe


For a fun and trendy cafe that doubles as a whole tourist experience, you should definitely check out The JTRRD Cafe! It’s widely known as one of the most Instagrammable cafes in all of Osaka. In fact, it’s not just a cafe; it’s a food art gallery! Located in the Tenma neighborhood, The JTRRD Cafe is known for their eye-catching smoothies that feature unique and colorful patterns that will definitely make your Instagram feed pop. They also have adorable “monster-themed” smoothies, limited edition desserts, and more!

Another unique thing about The JTRRD Cafe is the way customers order. Since there is no set menu, you can simply tell your server all the different smoothie flavors you’d like, and they’ll go ahead and whip it up for you! The JTRRD Cafe smoothies are not simply eye candy either. Packed with chia pudding, Greek yogurt, and more, they will definitely give you an energy boost–and a cute prop to pose with!

Exact Location: The JTRRD Cafe

9. Granknot Coffee Roasters


They say good things come in small packages! This charming cafe has that special artsy charm that draws in unique crowds. Though the place is smaller than other cafes on this list, they make up for it in style. The sleek wooden interior paired with warm accents and modern decorations gives Granknot Coffee Roasters a distinctively trendy feel.

This neighborhood cafe is quite beloved for their great coffee that you can pair with their selection of different kinds of French toast. It’s breakfast all day, every day here at Granknot Coffee Roasters! Another special thing about this place is how they have mastered latte art. Even when you have finished the entire cup of coffee, the baristas have ensured that the latte art remains intact! Talk about a picture-worthy moment.

Exact Location: Granknot Coffee Roasters

10. Pathfinder Xnobu


Speaking of latte art, we can’t miss out on talking about Pathfinder Xnobu! In the stylish Nakazakichou area, you can find this cool and classic-looking cafe. Barista Nobumasa Shimoyama decided to open this shop after learning all about the coffee culture in Melbourne, Australia, so you can definitely see hints of that in this place. While most Japanese cafes won’t allow you to customize your drinks, this one does!

You can get your cup of coffee depending on what kind of milk you like, how much foam, what kind of espresso beans you want, and more. That’s what makes visiting Pathfinder Xnobu so fun–no matter how many times you go, you can always try a new combination! But if you’re one of those coffee drinkers who don’t want to make too many decisions, Pathfinder Xnobu also has fixed drinks like long blacks, flat whites, and more. Their rainbow latte is definitely a must-try!

Exact Location: Pathfinder Xnobu

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11. Gudetama Cafe


If you’re craving for something absolutely adorable, then we have just the right cafe for you! Whether you know the character or not, Gudetama will instantly charm you with his funny and relatable expressions and iconic egg style. This entire cafe is dedicated to Gudetama, one of the most popular characters to come out of Sanrio. He’s everywhere in this cafe–from the walls, the posters, the merch, and yes, even the menu!

Located on the 7th floor of the HEP FIVE Shopping Center, Gudetama Cafe also has an “egg-centric” menu that is inspired by the character. Iconic dishes include the Gude White Curry, bacon and egg fettuccine, egg onigiri, and more. Each dish looks almost too cute to eat!L

Exact Location: Gudetama Cafe

12. Biotop Corner Stand


Located on Orange Street, our next cafe is every hipster’s dream precisely because it’s not just a cafe. Biotop Corner Stand is a unique concept store that sells all sorts of clothing, accessories, and other kinds of knickknacks. Aside from this, Biotop Corner Stand also has a plant nursery which adds to the whole organic vibe of the place. You could even buy some of the plants and flowers for yourself!

Of course, the highlight of this story is the separate cafe area. They serve delectable drip coffee, all sorts of pizzas, sweet and savory pastries, and more. It’s truly the one-stop shop when you’re in the area. While waiting for your order, you can browse around the store and maybe get a souvenir or two! Then once you get your food and drinks, lounge by the plants and enjoy the view as you dig in to your meal.

Exact Location: Biotop Corner Stand

13. Tonton Cafe


Last but not the least, we’re capping off this list with a cafe that makes some of the cutest desserts you will ever see. Tonton Cafe is located near Nakatsu Station. It’s well known for serving adorable and unique desserts, including animal-themed ice cream parfaits that will help you beat the heat and look stylish while you do so! These cute desserts are made with all sorts of colorful toppings and presented in a creative manner. They also have seasonal parfaits that change every now and then, so we definitely recommend trying one when you get the chance.

Aside from desserts, Tonton Cafe also serves hearty meals, tasty snacks, and of course, quality drinks. We recommend stopping by to fill your stomachs–and your hearts!–with this cute wholesome goodness!

Exact Location: Tonton Cafe

We hope you enjoyed our list of the most eye-catching and must-visit cafes in town! Which one are you most excited to try? Tell us all about it in the comment section!

Osaka is a city chock-full of personality, and it bleeds into all of their establishments–especially their cafes! From cutesy patisseries, chic coffee houses, and unique experiences, these Osaka cafes come in all kinds, so there is definitely something here for everybody. Besides, what’s a better way to get to know a city than through its local food and beverages?

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