Your Name or “Kimi no Na wa” is a modern classic. Since coming out in 2016, it has become one of the most well-known Japanese films ever — animated or otherwise. This is a huge feat, but one that Your Name undoubtedly deserves. Though it’s almost been a decade since its release, it remains relevant, being rewatched year after year by dedicated fans.

But did you know that many of Your Name’s locations actually have real-life counterparts? Tokyo is home to many of the memorable spots between Taki and Mitsuha’s journeys! Many fans visit these spots to recreate iconic scenes and witness their favorite film come to life. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a tour of the most memorable Your Name locations in Tokyo!

1. Yotsuya Station


The first few spots we’ll be featuring on this list center around Taki and his crush at the beginning of the film, Okudera-senpai. We know, we know. All Your Name fans definitely prefer Taki and Mitsuha to be together, but they didn’t really meet up that often in Tokyo! Besides, any true Your Name fan would still love to visit these locations.

First up, we have the station where Taki and Okudera met up on their date. Here you can see that the buildings and billboards are almost identical in the film and in real life! If you have a special someone, you can even recreate some of Taki and Okudera’s photos!

Exact Location: Yotsuya Station

2. Salon de The Rond Cafe


Up next, we have a special little cafe located in the Roppongi area. You might recognize this cafe as the one where Taki went on a date with his crush during the beginning of the film, Okudera-senpai. Salon de The Rond is located on the 2nd floor of the National Art Center, and here you can also have lunch just like Taki and his senpai

Eagle-eyed fans will notice that the cafe’s glasses, coasters, and plates all look similar to the ones in the movie! Order a meal and get ready to recreate some of Your Name’s first scenes.

Exact Location: Salon de The Rond Cafe

3. National Art Center


Speaking of the National Art Center, Taki and Okudera also spent a bit of time here during their date. The eye-catching features of the building that you remember from the film are all pretty much the same in real life! The National Art Center’s glass maps and wooden walls look even lovelier in real life.

There are always a lot of art exhibits going on here, so you can check out some cool new art after you recreate a few of Taki’s and Okudera’s photos.

Exact Location: National Art Center

4. Tokyo City View


Next up on Taki and Okudera’s date, they went to an observation deck called Tokyo City View. As soon as you look out at that gorgeous Tokyo skyline, you’ll also be in the perfect romantic mood. There’s just something about looking at beautiful views that gets you right in your feels.

Maybe that’s why so many dates happen at observation decks — both in movies and in real life! Recreate the feeling of butterflies and nervous young love all while gazing at that fabulous view.

Exact Location: Tokyo City View

5. Cafe La Boheme


If you remember, both Taki and Okudera-senpai work part-time at a fancy cafe in the city. In fact, that’s actually where they meet! This cafe actually exists in real life, called Cafe La Boheme. Located in a quiet area next to Shinjuku Garden, Cafe La Boheme is a sophisticated restaurant that serves delicious meals perfect for brunch.

In the movie, it’s actually called “Il Giardino delle Parole,” meaning “The Garden of Words,” a reference to Director Makoto Shinkai’s other movie of the same name. But as soon as you step into La Boheme, it’s no doubt the inspiration for the cafe in the film. From the menu to the classy interiors and the servers’ uniforms, all of them look as if they came straight off of Your Name!

Exact Location: Cafe La Boheme

6. Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery


Eagle-eyed fans will recognize the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery building from one of the exciting scenes where Taki and Mitsuha switch bodies. This was also when Mitsuha was particularly excited about visiting Tokyo! If you’re lucky, that Forest Beer Garden sign could still be there when you visit this place. That way, you can perfectly recreate that photo between “Taki” (who’s actually Mitsuha) and his two friends.

Afterward, you can visit the building itself to see amazing antique paintings depicting the Meiji royal family.

Exact Location: Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery

7. Shinanomachi Station


Our next spot may look insignificant to the regular Tokyo tourist, but diehard Your Name fans will recognize it immediately. From Shinanomachi Station, you can see a flight of stairs leading up to a pedestrian footbridge. This is the very same bridge where Taki contemplates after his date with Okudera ends. Fans will know that this scene is important because this is when Taki starts to question his feelings for Okudera and realizes his feelings for Mitsuha instead.

Exact Location: Shinanomachi Station

8. Yunika Vision


Another significant spot you have to check out is Yunika Vision. Located in Shinjuku, this is basically a giant TV screen that shows news reports, commercials, and even music videos! In Your Name, this is where news of the Tiamat Comet is broadcast. Fans know just how significant this comet is since it plays a pivotal role in Mitsuha’s story and how it interweaves with Taki’s.

This is a public area so it’s easy to drop by and take a few photos. Just remember to be quick since this area can also get pretty crowded with pedestrians crossing all over the place!

Exact Location: Yunika Vision

9. Shintoshin Pedestrian Bridge


Our next spot may just be an ordinary pedestrian crossing for locals, but Your Name fans would recognize it as an important landmark in the film. This is where Taki and Mitsuha cross paths, noticing and definitely recognizing, but ultimately choosing not to acknowledge each other. It’s that push and pull that makes Your Name so addicting!

The subtle differences between the designs of the building, as well as those letters in the windows, all look as if they have been copied and pasted directly from the film. If you can, try to visit during winter so you can recreate the snowy sentimental atmosphere of the scene!

Exact Location: Shintoshin Pedestrian Bridge

10. Suga Shrine Stairs


And finally, we’re ending this list with undoubtedly the most iconic location in Your Name. It’s featured in the poster itself, as well as in so many fan recreations of this iconic scene! During the climax, Taki and Mitsuha try to find each other in the future. The stairs leading up to Suga Shrine are where they pass each other by and just barely recognize each other. It’s an amazing scene that tugs at every viewer’s heartstrings!

To this day, many fans still seek out the Suga Shrine Stairs to recreate the iconic photo of Taki and Mitsuha. While they may look like just regular stairs for Tokyo residents, to Your Name fans, they’re much more than that!

Exact Location: Suga Shrine Stairs

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the real-life locations of the movie “Your Name.” Which Your Name scene are you most excited to recreate? Let us know in the comments!

Your Name is a modern classic. To this day, it remains one of the most beloved anime films — not just in Japan, but in the whole world too! Fans from all over the globe come to Tokyo with the hopes of visiting the places they’ve seen in the movie. Now with this handy guide, you can also go on your very own “Your Name Tour” around Tokyo and recreate your favorite scenes from this iconic movie!

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