Renting a kimono during your Japan trip is like stepping into a living postcard! It’s not just about wearing a gorgeous outfit – it’s about diving headfirst into Japan’s vibrant culture and history. Picture this: you, decked out in a stunning kimono, wandering through ancient temples, snapping pics that’ll make your friends jealous. It’s a chance to play dress-up and show some love for Japan’s traditions.

Plus, who wouldn’t want a wardrobe change that comes with a side of cultural immersion? So, ditch the ordinary, grab a kimono, and get ready for a trip full of color, tradition, and a whole lot of unforgettable moments!

And hey, here’s a pro-tip to elevate your kimono game: consider hiring a local photographer to capture your epic moments in that stunning outfit. Trust me, these photos will be more than just snapshots; they’ll be your personal art collection, freezing in time the magic of your Japan adventure. So, go ahead, rent that kimono, own the streets, and let a photographer turn your trip into a visual masterpiece.

When it comes to local photographers, we’ve got you covered at Photo Trips. In this article, we will recommend you 3 kimono photoshoots in Tokyo that we highly recommend you!

1. Asakusa Kimono Photoshoot

When we think about Kimono in Tokyo, the first location that comes to mind is Asakusa! Indeed, it’s the most traditional area in Tokyo and it hosts the fabulous Senso-ji temple. Did you know that it’s the oldest temple in the city?

Your local photographer Marvin will explore with you this beautiful neighbourhood and he will take you to the best photo spots around Senso-ji temple. Imagine yourself with a gorgeous Japanese traditional kimono with the stunning pagoda of the temple in the background. Perfect setting for an unforgettable photo session.

Senso-ji is one of the most visited places in Tokyo but Marvin know where to go to avoid the crowd. Follow your guide and enjoy this experience!

Book It Now: Asakusa Kimono Photoshoot

2. Kimono Photoshoot With Experienced Photographer In Tokyo

Photo Trips - Asakusa Kimono Photoshoot 3

In this experience, you will join Daria, an experienced photographer based in Tokyo and specialised in Kimono photoshoots. She has done hundreds of shoots and she master the art of Kimono photography.

The location of this photoshoot is usually Asakusa too but if you want something a bit more original and unique, she can take you to amazing photo spots in Tokyo that nobody knows about! One of our favorite is Hie shrine that you can see below. Look at the beautiful alley of torii gates. It looks like Kyoto, isn’t it?

Photo Trips - Asakusa Kimono Photoshoot 7

After you book this photo session, just message Daria about your favorite location and she will send you all the necessary instructions.

Book It NowKimono Photoshoot With Experienced Photographer In Tokyo

3. Kimono Photoshoot in Kawagoe

Kawagoe Kimono Photoshoot

Have you heard of Kawagoe? It’s a beautiful area at around half an hour from Tokyo, in Saitama prefecture. Kawagoe’s nickname is Ko-Edo, the little Edo and it deserves it. You can actually feel a pleasant traditional atmosphere other there. It’s really quiet and relaxing and it has a lot of photogenic temples. The perfect place for a kimono photoshoot, right?

Your photographer Marvin lives in Kawagoe and he knows it perfectly. He will take for a nice tour in his city while taking gorgeous pictures of you in several location. This experience is really enjoyable and off the beaten track. If you want to avoid big groups of tourists, join this photoshoot!

Book It Here: Kawagoe Kimono Photoshoot

4. Old Tokyo Photoshoot

We finish this selection of Kimono photo experiences with a photoshoot offered by Evgenia, a talented photographer with more than 8 years of experience in portrait photography. She knows Asakusa and Sensoji perfectly and she will show you some hidden photo spots that quite difficult to find.

She will transport you to the Old Tokyo world and she will take stunning pictures of you with an authentic Japanese traditional atmosphere.

Book It Here: Old Tokyo Photoshoot

Kimono Rental Shops

It’s important to note that these photoshoots don’t include Kimono rental fees. But all our photographers are used to renting kimonos and they know all the best stores! Some stores have low quality kimonos and others are super expensive. We highly recommend you to follow our photographers recommendations when it comes to renting a Kimono in Tokyo.

To explain the process, you start by booking the photoshoot and the photographer will reach out to you. At that time, you can ask them where you want to rent a kimono and they will give you a list of great Kimono rental stores.

Want to buy instead of renting? Check out our selection of the best Kimono shops in Tokyo here!

I hope you enjoy this post about our 3 best Kimono photoshoots in Tokyo! Even if it’s a modern city, you can actually find beautiful traditional areas that are perfect for a photo session in Kimono!

Did we answer to all your questions? If not, feel free to send us your questions in the comments below. We usually get back to you within 48h.

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Visiting Kyoto too? Why not join one of our Kimono photoshoots in Kyoto! You can also find more recommendations in this guide about the best Kimono photoshoots in Japan.


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