If you are visiting Kyoto, you cannot skip the Kimono experience!

Stepping into the silky embrace of a kimono is not just a change of attire; it’s an invitation to connect with the traditions that have woven the fabric of Japanese history. As you explore the enchanting streets of Kyoto, wearing a kimono becomes a personal celebration of the country’s heritage. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the kimono tell a story, each fold and knot a nod to the craftsmanship that has endured through generations.

So, why not seize the chance to become a part of this living art form? By slipping into a kimono, you’re not just dressing for the occasion—you’re becoming a living canvas, a participant in the cultural dance that is Japan. Let the soft rustle of silk and the gentle sway of the garment transport you to a time-honored realm where every step is a brushstroke, painting a vivid memory of your journey through the Land of the Rising Sun.

Photo Trips - Arashiyama Kimono Photoshoot 9

One more reason to rent a Kimono is how photogenic you will be! It will enable amazing photo opportunities and those images will serve as unforgettable memories.

So, let’s get into it and answer the main question of this article: how to book a kimono photoshoot in Kyoto? The short answer is: Photo Trips!

We are an innovative platform that connects travellers to local photographers! We believe photographers are the best people to guide during your trip. They know all the hidden photo spots so you just need to follow them and pose to get the best travel pictures.

We have 4 kimono photoshoots that we would like to introduce you here. Let’s get into it!

1. Traditional Photoshoot In Kyoto With A Professional Photographer | Popular & Secret Spots

This first photoshoot is managed by Jerry, a super talented photographer based in Osaka. He comes from Taiwan and he has a lot of experience in photo-shooting in Kyoto. During this photo session, he will take you to one of the most photogenic part of Kyoto: Higashiyama. You will meet him in front of Nishiromon gate where he will explain the flow of the tour.

After that, he will guide you through Higashiyama and you will take pictures at popular spots like Ninen-zaka and Yasaka pagoda. But he will also visit with you hidden spots with almost no tourists! The itinerary is flexible and it’s also possible to take pictures near Kiyomizu-dera temple for example.

The advantage of this experience is that Jerry is very knowledgable about Kyoto history. So it’s not only a photoshoot that you will be able to enjoy. You will actually have an introduction to the area and he will teach so many interesting facts!

Book Jerry’s Kimono Photoshoot In Kyoto

2. Traditional Kyoto Photoshoot In Gion District & Higashiyama

Photo Trips - Kyoto Gion Matt 3

We continue this article with a kimono photoshoot in Higashiyama and Gion with our photographer Matt. This session will last around one hour and he will provide 50 edited high resolution pictures, ready to be shared on your Instagram for example! He will actually deliver all the edited shots within the 24 hours following the photoshoot. Very fast delivery!

Matt is a pretty interesting character. He’s very funny and he loves to make a lot of jokes. He will make you feel very confortable during the photoshoot.

Book Matt’s Kimono Photoshoot In Higashiyama & Gion

3. Kimono Photoshoot In Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Kyoto. It’s easily recognisable with its long alley of red torii gates. It actually has more than 10,000 torii, can you imagine?

This photoshoot is also managed by Matt and he will take stunning pictures of you in this shrine. Fushimi Inari Taisha is famous to be full of tourists but Matt will take you to some spots that are a bit secret. You will have time to pose and take awesome pictures with your Kimono.

Book Matt’s Kimono Photoshoot In Fushimi Inari Shrine

4. Arashiyama Photoshoot With Kimono

Photo Trips - Arashiyama Kimono Photoshoot 5

Another extremely popular photo spot with Kimono is Arashiyama bamboo forest! A Kimono dress with the green background of the bamboo groove works so well, don’t you think?

Our local photographer Mina will introduce you to the must-visit places in Arashiyama, including the Kimono forest, the bamboo groove, Tenryu-ji Temple and more. Not only that, he will give you very interesting explanation and cultural facts about the area! A guide and a photographer, two for the price of one! 🙂

Book Mina’s Kimono Photoshoot In Arashiyama

Important Notes

The Kimono rental fees are not included in these photoshoots. So you will have to rent the Kimonos on your own. It can be quite challenging to find the right shop but if you book one of these photoshoots, our photographers will guide you in order to choose the most convenient Kimono rental shops for you. Some of them have low quality Kimonos so it’s better to follow our photographers recommendations to make you sure you have quality Kimonos for the photoshoot.

I hope this article was helpful and that you found your favorite Kimono photoshoot in Kyoto. If you have any question, feel to send us it to us in the comment section below and we will answer to you within 2 days.

And if you want to do something similar in Tokyo, you can also join one of our Kimono photoshoots in Tokyo! More recommendations here too: best Kimono photoshoots in Japan.

Enjoy your trip to Japan,

Photo Trips Team


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