So you’re planning a trip to Japan. How exciting! We’re sure you can’t wait to explore this amazing country and find out more about its most popular spots. To make your trip even more memorable, why not hire a professional photographer?

For this article, we’ll be giving you everything you need to know about hiring a photographer during your Japan trip. Trust us, by the end of this post, you’ll definitely be convinced why hiring a professional photographer will make your trip extra special!

Why Hire A Photographer In Japan

Private Photographer Japan

Sure, in today’s age, we are all perfectly capable of taking our own photos using our mobile phones. However, photography is still a skill–and indeed, a profession. While we¬†can take our own photos, the results are completely different when done by seasoned professionals! Photographers know how best to capture whatever incredible backdrop you find yourself in while also making sure you remain the star of the photo.

Besides, professional photographers can also capture more natural and candid moments of you and your loved ones exploring the country. These more casual shots will capture your trip as it actually happened, and we guarantee you will have fun looking back on these photos in the future. Not every photo has to be so posed!

Lastly, hiring a professional photographer will just make your trip feel even more special. It’s a nice touch to an already memorable trip, a little bit of luxury to make sure you and the people you are traveling with can have the most beautiful memories to look back on!

Hire A Photographer In Japan With Photo Trips

Hire Private Personal Photographer In Japan

This is where Photo Trips comes in. Our website connects you to local professional photographers all over the country. We have all sorts of different photoshoots for you to choose from depending on what kind of vibe you’re after!

Photo Trips makes it easy for you to connect with the photographer of your choice and give you the photoshoot of your dreams. You also won’t have to worry about any language barriers since most–if not all–of the photographers affiliated with Photo Trips are multilingual!

Here are just some examples of the different kinds of photoshoots you can have in Japan through Photo Trips.

Tokyo Photoshoots

When in Tokyo, you can opt to have a Neon Lights Photoshoot to capture the bright nighttime cityscape. For fans of all things kawaii, we also offer Pink and Kawaii-themed photoshoots so you can have some unique (and cute!) memories to look back on. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic kimono photoshoot. Rent a traditional Japanese attire, strut the streets, and have a professional photographer capture everything!

Check out our best photoshoots in Tokyo!

Kyoto Photoshoots

When it comes to Kyoto, Photo Trips also has a wide array of photoshoots for you to choose from. As Kyoto is known for its gorgeous natural scenery and breathtaking traditional architecture, shrine and temple photoshoots are quite popular. You can also opt for renting a beautiful kimono to make your photos pop even more!

Check out our best photoshoots in Kyoto!

Osaka Photoshoots

Photo Trips also offers professional and curated photoshoots in the city of Osaka. For lovers of all things retro and vintage, we definitely recommend going on a retro-themed photoshoot! Osaka has lots of old-fashioned streets and places that will definitely give you nostalgia. Luckily, our local photographers know all about these spots–they’re more than happy to tour you around the place while also providing their professional photography skills.

Check out our best photoshoots in Osaka!

Why Use Photo Trips

In case you’re not yet convinced, here are just some of the reasons why Photo Trips makes photoshoots super convenient–and necessary for having a fun and memorable trip!

Professional & talented photographers

TG, one of Photo Trips photographer in Tokyo

Our roster of photographers are all professionals in the field with years of experience. You can count on them to deliver high-quality photos complete with post-processing and even printing in some cases. As they are experienced in working with other people, you also don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to pose. They will definitely guide you to make the photoshoot experience as comfortable as possible! If it’s your first time in front of the camera, even better. You’re in good hands with our professionals!

Meet a local & discover Japanese culture during the photoshoot

Photo Trips - Yosuke Video Shooting Tokyo 6

Another edge of having a professional photographer is they are not merely there to document your trip–in some ways, they’re also there to guide it! All of our photographers have lived in Japan for years. That means they know all about Japanese culture and customs, and they can tell you everything you need to know.

As foreigners, it can be a bit difficult to navigate a brand-new country. You may not know the do’s and don’ts that are expected of everyone in the country–foreigner or not! That’s why it’s super helpful to have a local guide that will not only take great photos but also show you the ins and outs when it comes to this culture.

Discover hidden photo spots only local photographers know


Since our photographers have all been living in Japan for quite some time now, they also know many spots that have remained unknown to most tourists! These local photographers can take you to their “secret spots” so you can explore Japan away from the bustling crowds. No one knows a city quite like a local–you’ll definitely get a bigger picture of Japan if you follow our photographers’ guides to the different cities of the country. With our local photographers-slash-guides, you’ll surely be able to explore a new and unexpected place!

Choose from different photography styles

Of course, not all photoshoots are the same. Each photographer has their own distinct style that they will bring to make every photo shoot as fun and as memorable as it can be. On your part, you can choose the photographer based on your own tastes! Some photographers specialize in night photography. They know how to best capture brilliant city scenes even with low light.

Meanwhile, some photographers focus on retro-style photography. They know just what to do to make your photos come out timeless and hit you with that tinge of nostalgia. It’s up to you to pick the photographer and photoshoot style that will make you and your photos pop!

Flexible booking

Free Cancelation

Photo Trips offers great services that are customer-friendly every step of the way. While we would of course love for you to avail of our services, we understand that sometimes there may be circumstances out of your control that lead you to cancel your booking. That’s why Photo Trips also prides itself on having a flexible booking service! You can get 100% of your money back if you cancel 1 week prior to the shooting date, no questions asked.

Special photoshoots for special events

If your trip to Japan is more than just an excuse to travel aka if your trip actually has some romantic motives, then our photographers would be more than happy to make it even more memorable! We have a bunch of photographers who have years of experience in capturing romantic moments between couples–whether those be everyday dates or something much more grand, like a proposal, perhaps? Have your sweetest moments be captured forever when you hire a skilled professional photographer to make your lovers’ getaway more special than it already was.

Planning to propose to your partner in Japan? Check out our proposal photographers in Tokyo or our proposal photographer in Kyoto!

How it works?

Ready to hire a professional photographer for your trip? Well, the process is actually super simple! Here’s what you need to do.

1. Book your Photo Trip

Browse our website and pick the Photo Trip that is most appealing to you. We have a wide range of packages covering Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Each photo shoot has a different vibe and aesthetic, so you can go for one that best suits your taste. No matter which you choose, you’re guaranteed a high-quality photo shoot!

2. Strike a pose!

Put on your best outfit and meet your photographer at the agreed location. Don’t worry if you don’t feel too comfortable in front of the camera–our photographer will guide you on how to pose and project. Just be natural! Each photoshoot typically takes place in more than one location, so have fun exploring all the different spots your photographer will take you to. Afterward, you can ask your photographer for more travel tips as well as some nearby restaurants or cafes you could try.

3. Share it on your Instagram

After the photoshoot, your photographer will email you with your selection of professionally post-processed and edited photos. These are perfect to go on any of your social media feeds. We’re sure all your friends will marvel at how you’ve managed to come up with such professional-looking photos!

We hope you enjoyed our article all about how to hire a professional photographer during your Japan trip! Ready to go on a photoshoot? Don’t forget to tell us about the experience in the comment section!

Treat yourself to an even more special and memorable trip by hiring a professional photographer to capture your best moments. After you’ve gone home, all you will be left of are memories of this amazing trip, so it’s best to have a seasoned professional document them. After all, isn’t that what traveling is for–to make unforgettable memories?


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