Planning a trip to Japan? We’re so excited for you to explore this incredible country! Kyoto is especially beautiful. It’s a city known for its breathtaking scenery, gorgeous ancient architecture, upholding unique Japanese traditions, and more. As such, you really can’t go wrong with picking Kyoto as your Japan destination.

If you’re looking to make your Kyoto trip even more memorable, then you’ve come to the right place. After all, what can make it more memorable than dressing up in traditional Japanese clothes to get around the city? In Kyoto, there are tons of different kimono rental shops that will cater to your every need–no matter what style, size, and vibe you’re going for! Make your travel photos stand out even more by donning exquisite kimonos that you truly won’t find anywhere else in the world.

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1. Yumeyakata


We’re starting off this list with a kimono rental shop that has already become somewhat of a household name in Kyoto. Yumeyakata is one of the more well-known kimono rental shops out there since they consistently provide great ensembles and warm and efficient service. In fact, they have over 500 kimono designs on hand for you to choose from!

They have tons of different kimonos based on the kind of vibe you are going for. If you’re planning to visit during the summer months, then it might be best to get a yukata, a kimono style usually worn in summer and known for its looser fit and is made from lighter materials such as cotton. If you’re planning to get a little fancy, we also recommend renting a furisode–the formal kimono with dramatic sleeves and usually worn during important events!

Yumeyakata’s basic kimono plans start at around ¥4,200 ($30). This already includes the entire ensemble as well as some simple hair-styling services if you need them!

Exact Location: Yumeyakata

2. Rental Kimono Okamoto

Rental Kimono Okamoto

Up next we have another popular rental shop! When it comes to kimono rentals, everyone knows Rental Kimono Okamoto. It’s one of the longest-running kimono rental shops out there, being established over close to 200 years ago now. In fact, Rental Kimono Okamoto is said to be the inventor of kimono rental businesses in the first place!

With a reputation like that, you really can’t go wrong with this place. This shop, which utilizes a traditional machiya townhouse, should already be considered a tourist spot on its own. It’s also only a short walk away from the Kiyomizu Temple, so you have plenty of sightseeing options after putting on your kimono. With over 1000 kimonos in all sorts of sizes and styles, Rental Kimono Okamoto has it all. Their kimono sets go for around ¥2,980-¥4,980 ($21-$35).

Exact Location: Rental Kimono Okamoto

3. Wakana


If you’re already planning on renting a kimono for the day, then you simply have to head over to the Gion district. It’s the largest hanamachi (geisha district) in all of Kyoto, which means it has incredible architecture and beautiful culture all around the place that makes it the perfect backdrop for your kimono photos. Wakana prides itself in having most of their kimonos made locally right here in Kyoto, including fancy ones that are made of pure silk!

Wakana also has a talented and dedicated set of staff that will make sure you feel pampered and well taken care of. Their kimono set rentals begin at around ¥4,500 ($31). They also have a couple’s plan that costs around ¥8,650 ($60) while a kid’s kimono rental would cost around ¥3,800 ($27). At Wakana, everyone in the family can enjoy kimonos!

Exact Location: Wakana

4. Makeover


If you want a unique experience on top of your standard kimono rental service, then head on over to Maikoya! Once you avail of their kimono rental plans, then you usually proceed as usual. You will pick the kimono of your choice from their extensive and beautiful collection and then Maikoya’s dedicated staff will personally assist you in getting dressed. They also provide a simple hair and make-up package for every kimono rental! Package prices start at around ¥8,600 ($60).

Afterward, Maikoya lets you experience a beautiful traditional tea ceremony! Here you’ll learn all about the trials and tribulations of Japanese history as well as the rich traditions behind tea ceremonies–all while sipping on a warm cup of your own. You can even make your own matcha tea and then pair it with traditional Japanese sweets called wagashi!

Exact Location: Maikoya

5. Rikawafuku


If you want to wear a kimono that’s more on the modern and quirky side, then you definitely have to check out Rikawafuku. This Kyoto staple has over 300 kimonos–each in a unique design we doubt you’ll be able to find in any other place! Rikawafuku prides itself in fusing together contemporary aesthetics as well as traditional tastes into their works. Here you’ll find just about every kimono style you want to explore further, from vintage kimonos or more modern ones with playful designs. The basic kimono rental plan starts at around ¥4,000 ($28). You can also pay an additional ¥2,000 ($14) for some elaborate hair styling to go with your outfit!

Exact Location: Rikawafuku

6. Yume Kyoto


While we love the big kimono rental chains, we also equally adore the small businesses that aim to provide just as good of a service. Yume Kyoto is a quaint little shop located next to the Yasaka Shrine in the Gion district. What we love about Yume Kyoto is their small but dedicated group of staff members each sharing their love and expertise over the world of kimonos. In fact, their cheapest rental plan allows the staff to pick the kimonos for you! This might actually be for the best–they are the experts after all. This plan goes for around ¥3,300 ($23).

Other kimono rentals cost around ¥5,500 ($38). You can also avail of professional hairstyling services for just an additional ¥1,650 ($12). By the way, most kimono rental shops only allow you to rent the garment until 6 PM on the same day. However, other shops like Yume Kyoto have other options. We think the most convenient one is where you can simply return your kimono to your hotel front desk by 10 AM of the following day after you have rented it. That means you don’t have to go all the way back to the shop just to return your kimono! This option costs just an additional ¥1,500 ($10).

Exact Location: Yume Kyoto

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7. Wargo Kyoto Gion Store


On the other end of the spectrum, we have Japan’s largest kimono rental chain! Wargo boasts over 20 stores all over the country. Their branch in Nishiki, Kyoto is equally as grand as all their other branches. Aside from having a wide array of different kimonos in all colors and sizes, Wargo is also known for specializing in beautiful Japanese accessories. Here you can mix and match their traditional handbags and wooden sandals with the kimono of your dreams!

The standard kimono plan costs around ¥3,000 ($21). If you want something a little more modern and unique, you can also opt for the Mamechiyo Modern Kimono Plan which costs ¥5500 ($38). On the other hand, if you want something truly special and fancy, then you have to go for a furisode plan at ¥11,000 ($77). Treat yourself!

Exact Location: Wargo Kyoto Gion Store

8. Kyoto Aiwafuku Fushimi Inari


This next kimono rental shop playfully combines traditional silhouettes with more modern styles, making their kimonos unique and just utterly perfect for a photoshoot! Kyoto Aiwafuku Fushimi Inari is conveniently located next to some of Kyoto’s most popular spots like the Fushimi Inari Shrine, JR’s Inari Station, and more. The location itself is already picture-worthy since this shop was built by renovating a traditional Japanese house.

If you’re planning a visit, we definitely recommend checking out the Komon kimono, a type of kimono that’s dyed with incredibly intricate patterns. It’s truly evidence of wearable art! Aside from this, Kyoto Aiwafuku Fushimi Inari also offers a wide range of kimonos–from modern ones to vintage ones, to more feminine lacy ones, and more! Of course, they also have tons of unique accessories to complement your outfit even more. The women’s plan costs ¥4,300 ($30) while the men’s plan costs ¥4,000 ($28). You can also save up by going for the couple plan which costs ¥7,300 ($51).

Exact Location: Kyoto Aiwafuku Fushimi Inari

9. Rental Kimono SHIKI SAKURA


If you’re a fan of more elegant silhouettes, then Rental Kimono SHIKI SAKURA is definitely for you. They have a beautiful selection of kimonos that will make you feel as regal as ever as you sightsee around the city. It can get a bit overwhelming being faced with so many incredible options, which is why the staff of Rental Kimono SHIKI SAKURA is more than willing to help you choose the perfect ensemble for you!

The standard plan costs around ¥4,400 ($31) while a more inclusive plan would cost around ¥5,000 ($35). This latter plan offers more choices when it comes to the kimono itself and accessories to pair it with! Rental Kimono SHIKI SAKURA also offers men’s and children’s plans, making it perfect for the whole family to enjoy these beautiful kimonos!

Exact Location: Rental Kimono SHIKI SAKURA

10. Kyo Aruki (Kyoto Shijo Main Store)


We’re ending this list with a megastore! When it comes to kimono rental shops, Kyo Aruki, also known as the Kyoto Shijo Main Store, is a behemoth. It’s a huge location that can fit more than 300 people! Kimono-fitting becomes a blast when you’re given such a huge place to play around with. Situated in the city’s center, Kyo Aruki is within walking distance of some of Kyoto’s most popular spots such as the Gion district, Yasaka Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, and more.

Kyo Aruki is also famous for being a regular attendee at one of Japan’s biggest fashion events called the Kansai Collection. This is how you know they’re legit! They offer gorgeous kimonos in modern styles that will make you and your photos stand out. Of course, they also have intricate hair ornaments, finely made obi belts, and other accessories to make your whole ensemble even more special. Their standard kimono plan costs ¥3,289 ($23) while the high-grade kimono plan, which costs ¥4,389 ($31) lets you choose from a wider variety of kimonos. Either way, you’re definitely getting a great deal!

Exact Location: Kyo Aruki (Kyoto Shijo Main Store)

We hope you liked our article about the best kimono rental shops in Kyoto! Will it be your first time wearing a kimono? Tell us all about the experience in the comments below!

The best part about traveling is undeniably learning about different cultures. In Japan, wearing traditional clothes is a special yet easy way to learn more about Japanese history, sensibilities, and aesthetics. Not to mention, wearing kimonos will just really make you feel nice and special! Turn your travel photos into something extraordinary by wearing kimonos in your pics.

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