Planning a trip overseas is always exciting. Just think of all the incredible places you’ll get to go to, all the unique food you’ll be able to try, and all the memorable experiences you’ll have! Of course, no adventure is complete without some very cool photos to look back on. And what better way to make your photos look incredible than by going all-out and wearing fancy traditional clothing?

Kimono, the traditional dress of Japanese people, is unique, stylish, and timeless. Both men and women can don their own kimonos, and nowadays there’s a variety of different colors, designs, and styles for you to choose from. Wearing this is a surefire way to make your trip even more memorable! Just remember to stay respectful while you wear this–make sure to wear it properly and know the history behind these clothes.

Don’t worry too much, because we’ll tell you everything you need to know about kimonos and introduce you to 8 of the best kimono rental shops in Tokyo!

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1. Asakusa Taisho Romankan


We’re starting this list with one of the freshest kimono rental shops in the scene. Asakusa Taisho Romankan puts a fresh spin on traditional kimono rentals since this shop also doubles as a cafe! Decked out in the fashions and aesthetics of the Taisho Period (1912-1926), this unique concept store is definitely an experience in and of itself!

The Taisho Period was remarkable because that was when Western culture began to spread and influence Japan. This influence is seen even in fashion, as the kimonos from this period incorporated Western elements like lace and other unique patterns. These beautiful kimonos are for rent right here at Asakusa Taisho Romankan, and you can have a photoshoot right in the middle of their cafe if you want!

The standard Kimono Plan costs ¥5000 ($35) while the fancier Hakama Plan costs ¥6000 ($42). A Couple’s Plan and Student Plan are also available, so anyone can enjoy the Taisho era fashions!

Exact Location: Asakusa Taisho Romankan

2. Kimono Yae


Another kimono rental shop you have to check out is Kimono Yae. It’s conveniently located along the Nakamise Shopping Street, so you can stop by different shops and boutiques to and from there. Kimono Yae’s packages all include hairstyling services as well as all sorts of accessories, so you can be sure that you’re getting the whole kimono experience!

Kimono Yae’s individual rental plan costs around ¥6800 ($47), while their photoshoot packages start at ¥16000 ($112). It may be a little more expensive than others, but we definitely think it’s worth it considering the quality of services you will get! Another good thing about Kimono Yae is they open first thing in the morning, so you can borrow your costume for the whole day.

Exact Location: Kimono Yae



Our next pick is a rental chain with locations all over the country–from Saitama, Kyoto, Okayama, Tokyo, and more! Out of all of their locations, the ones in Asakusa are probably the most grand. Just in the Asakusa district of Tokyo alone, VASARA has three locations including their flagship store! The huge VASARA flagship store houses dozens of different kinds of kimonos that feature a variety of styles.

While they have all sorts of kimono packages for every kind of budget, their most reasonable one is priced at ¥2980 ($21). This includes the whole set, with a bag, tabi socks, zori sandals, and hair accessories. Simple updo hairstyles are also included in the package, but you’d have to pay extra if you want more elaborate ones!

Exact Location: VASARA

4. Hanaka Kimono


If we’re talking about the best kimono rentals in Tokyo, we can’t miss mentioning Hanaka Kimono. It’s one of the longest-standing kimono rental shops in the city for a reason since you can count on them to always provide good service. Just a mere walk from the Asakusa Station, Hanaka Kimono is known for their efficiency–they can get you in and out of a kimono in a matter of minutes!

Hanaka Kimono also offers a wide array of trendy kimonos in all sorts of patterns. Each kimono rental package also comes with a simple hairstyling session as well as your choice of accessories to make your outfit pop even more. Two-hour rentals start at around ¥2550 ($18) while their extravagant wedding packages cost around ¥42000 ($294).

Exact Location: Hanaka Kimono

5. COCOMO Kimono


Up next we have the renowned kimono rental shop, COCOMO Kimono. For the quality of their clothes and service, COCOMO Kimono staff have worked on several TV shows such as The Fantastic Deer-Man and Doctor X: Surgeon Michiko Daimon, providing incredible costumes that make the actors truly pop on screen. COCOMO Kimono has all sorts of different kimono styles that are perfect for every taste and occasion.

COCOMO Kimono also has a variety of different rental plans depending on the kind of look you want. They have a standard, antique, and retro plan if you want something more classic. Meanwhile, they also offer princess, gothic, and Lolita-inspired Victorian plans if you want something a bit more unique! The standard kimono set starts at around ¥4900 ($34). What’s great about COCOMO Kimono is they have a photo studio right inside the store, so you can get a photo shoot as soon as you finish changing into your kimono! What’s more, availing one of their plans also gives you a discount on a rickshaw ride around the city–the perfect way to explore Asakusa!

Exact Location: COCOMO Kimono

6. Kimono Koto


If you want to rent a beautiful kimono but are on a bit of a tight budget, then this next store is perfect for you. Kimono Koto has some of the most affordable kimono rental prices while still being top-notch quality. Their cheapest rentals only cost around ¥2000 ($14)! This already includes a full kimono set including an obi sash, sandals, and undergarments. Groups and couples also get discounts, so make sure to bring in your friends when you’re renting! Aside from standard kimonos, they also have different styles like furisodes (long-sleeved, more formal kimonos), as well as a variety of different accessories for you to choose from.

Exact Location: Kimono Koto

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7. Waraku


Another great kimono rental shop that won’t break the bank is Waraku! With over 500 kimonos to choose from, we guarantee that you’ll have fun mixing and matching–even more when you know that it won’t be making too big of a dent in your wallet. They have popular lace kimonos, vintage kimonos, and kimonos in all sorts of patterns and colors. The best part? All kimono prices are the same no matter what style you choose!

Waraku’s rental prices only vary depending on the package you get. They have the standard plan, student plan, couple plan, group plan, and more. The more people availing of a group plan, the cheaper it gets! Waraku’s kimono rental plans cost around ¥3980 ($28) to ¥8500 ($60). Waraku’s location near the Asakusa Station, Sensoji Temple, and Kaminarimon Gate also makes it perfect for having cool photo shoots later on!

Exact Location: Waraku

8. Aki Kimono Rental


Last but not the least, we have Aki Kimono Rental! This is another Tokyo staple, with branches in different districts all over the city such as in Ginza and Shibuya. It’s a reliable kimono rental shop with lots of beautiful options to choose from–from kimonos, accessories, hair ornaments, and more. We especially recommend visiting their Shibuya branch because it’s connected to the restaurant next door so you can eat traditional Japanese food–all while wearing traditional Japanese clothes!

Aki Kimono Rental has standard plans for both kids and adults. The adult standard rental costs ¥6600 ($46) while it costs ¥4400 ($31) for the kids. The best part is if you happen to visit Japan between the months of June and September, then you can rent yukata (summer kimonos) for a cheaper price! With each plan, you can opt to also have additional elaborate hairstyling. If you’re going to Aki Kimono Rental, we recommend going all out and availing a sushi plan at the restaurant next door!

Exact Location: Aki Kimono Rental

We hope you enjoyed our list all about the best kimono rental shops in Tokyo! Are you excited to wear traditional Japanese clothes? Let us know in the comments!

Kimonos give off a classic and timeless beauty that anyone and everyone should enjoy. Wearing these exquisite clothes will instantly make your photos stand out, as well as make your Japan trip even more memorable. Part of traveling is getting to enjoy and appreciate different cultures, and Japan certainly has many things to offer for every kind of visitor.

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