Are you planning a trip to Japan? Then make sure you have the chance to explore the whole country–and not just Tokyo! Osaka is one of those places that you simply have to travel to. It’s a large port city known as Honshu Island’s commercial center. It’s well-known for having gorgeous architecture all around the city, incredibly vibrant nightlife, and of course, delectable food!

Exploring such a huge and colorful city would be difficult if you didn’t have a local guide. Luckily, we’re here to change that! What if we told you that you could get a professional photographer and a cultural guide–all in one? These photoshoot packages are perfect because you’ll be able to capture your travel memories in the most picturesque way possible while also making sure you’re seeing the “true” Osaka that only locals know about.

What are you waiting for? Dive into these 3 photoshoots in Osaka that will get you fully acquainted with the city–and have some gorgeous pics to post on Instagram while you’re at it!

1. Neon Night Photoshoot

Did you really go to Japan if you didn’t experience their vibrant nightlife scene? Jaw-dropping neon sights are not just limited to Tokyo. In fact, Osaka itself has an amazing nightlife scene that just looks awesome when captured in photos. Here, your local photographer Tom will guide you through the alleyways of Dotonbori, one of the most photogenic districts of Osaka.

From popular spots to more lesser-known alleys, you can count on Tom to give you a true taste of Dotonbori, Osaka. And don’t worry if you’ve never been in a professional photoshoot before–our photographer will do all the work! Just relax, stay comfortable, and act as naturally as you can in the midst of all this neon goodness.

Book It Now: Neon Night Photoshoot In Dotonbori

2. Retro Photoshoot

Chris Retro Osaka Photoshoot 1

Instead of just doing a normal photoshoot, why not go for a retro-themed one? Osaka is the perfect place to do this as they have plenty of neighborhoods with that quirky vintage feel. However, many of these neighborhoods are actually “hidden” from most tourist itineraries! That’s why you need a local like our photographer Chris, to take you to these places as well as take incredible photos of you.

In this photoshoot, you’ll explore the Nakazakicho and Tenma neighborhoods. Both are oozing with vintage vibes, showcasing old houses and quirky commercial establishments. Here you’re guaranteed to get another side of Osaka!

Book It Now: Retro Photoshoot In Nakazakicho & Tenma

3. Vibrant Night Photoshoot

And finally, we have one more Osaka photoshoot that you can’t miss. Our last photoshoot takes us back to Dotonbori, this time to explore all of the different streets, temples, and even hidden spots you can find here. After all, Dotonbori is known for being one of the most exciting and dynamic spots in Osaka for a reason!

Here you’ll explore Glico Sign, Dotonbori Street, Houzenji Temple, a mysterious place known as the “Hidden Spot,” and more! These places best capture the flair of Osaka nightlife. While your local photographer Mina knows all the best places in town, you can also ask them to take you to a particular place if you want. These itineraries are very flexible! After your photoshoot, you can enjoy some mouthwatering restaurants all in the same area. We can’t think of a better way to explore Osaka!

Book It Now: Vibrant Night Photoshoot

We hope you enjoyed our introduction to the city of Osaka! Which photoshoot are you most excited to try? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments!

Osaka is one of those places in Japan you simply have to see for yourself. Teeming with culture, it’s a city known for its vibrant streets and delectable eats. And what better way to explore it than with a local?

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