Planning an unforgettable trip to Japan? We know you’re already thinking about all the incredible places you’ll get to see–and of course, the gorgeous photos you’ll be able to take in these areas! Well, what if we told you you could hire a professional photographer and a cultural guide–all in one?

There’s no better way to explore the country than with the help of these local photographers. Not only will they take stunning photos of you, they’ll also be able to tour you around the city and take you to lots of hidden spots you would never have even come across. Capture your happiest memories all while exploring the city. Sounds like a plan? Then go check out these 5 photoshoot packages provided by some of the best photographers in Kyoto!

1. Kyoto Secret Spots Photoshoot

If you’re planning a trip to Kyoto, then you’re truly in for a treat. It’s considered one of the best cities to explore Japan’s traditional side, with gorgeous architecture and unique ancient sights. That being said, there are plenty of “secret spots” here that not even many tourists know about!

Our photographer Jerry will tour you to all of the hidden gems that only certified Kyoto locals know about. Have fun exploring must-see areas like the Ninen-zaka, Yasaka Pagoda, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and more. After that, explore the “true” city by seeking out lesser-known places that are just as Instagram-worthy!

Book It Now: Kyoto Secret Spots Photoshoot

2. Gion & Higashiyama Photoshoot

Photo Trips - Kyoto Gion Matt 3

If you’re visiting Kyoto, then we definitely recommend you check out the Gion District! It’s considered one of the most photogenic areas in the entire city–and that’s saying something since all of Kyoto looks like it came straight off a painting!

Known as Kyoto’s most famous geisha district, it’s filled with all sorts of shops, restaurants, and teahouses where geisha and maiko (geisha apprentices) are ready to entertain. Maybe you can even get one of them to pose with you for a photograph! Gion is a great place to explore due to its rich history and elaborate architecture. And what’s more, your local photographer MT will make sure you explore this district to the fullest!

MT will also take you to some photo spots in Hiagashiyama and all this for a quite affordable price, don’t you think?

Book It Now: Gion & Higashiyama Photoshoot

3. Fushimi Inari Shrine Photoshoot

Photo Trips - Kyoto Fushimi Inari Matt 4

If there’s one thing Kyoto is rich in, it’s these absolutely gorgeous traditional shrines! These jaw-dropping structures date back hundreds upon hundreds of years. Aside from being incredible photoshoot sites, note that many of these temples are still in use–so just remember to be respectful!

Of Kyoto’s temples and shrines, Fushimi Inari Taisha is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones. With its eye-catching red torii gates that are more than 10,000 in number, this is one of the best photo spots that you just can’t miss. Because of its popularity, it can get a bit busy here. Don’t fret, however, since your local photographer MT can take you to some hidden photo spots away from the crowd!

Book It Now: Fushimi Inari Taisha Kimono Photoshoot

4. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Photoshoot

Photo Trips - Arashiyama Kimono Photoshoot 6

One of the things that makes Kyoto so special is its incredible natural scenery. These bamboo forests are everywhere and will make you feel like you’ve been transported straight into a Studio Ghibli movie! The awesome landscapes feel almost magical, making for the perfect photoshoot spot to add that touch of whimsy to your travels.

The most popular bamboo forest in Kyoto is without a doubt Arashiyama and it’s where this photoshoot is taking place. Even better, you can rent a traditional kimono to really feel like you’re in a Japanese fantasy movie!

Your local photographer MM will take you to four main spots here: Kimono Forest, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Tenryu-ji Temple, and the Togetsu-kyo Bridge. These are the most photogenic spots in the area! Aside from the photoshoot, you can also count on MM to give you a cultural explanation about Arashiyama in general. He knows lots of hidden gems so you don’t have to worry about big crowds.

MM can also give you some tips on where to sample the local cuisine at the many restaurants, cafes, and teahouses in the area!

Book It Now: Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Photoshoot

5. Higashiyama Photoshoot

Photo Trips - Higashiyama Traditional Photoshoot 8

One of the most popular things to do during photoshoots is to don a traditional kimono–and for good reason! Wearing these gorgeous Japanese garments adds that special touch that makes your photos stand out even more. Especially in a traditional city like Kyoto, wearing kimonos just makes sense!

For this photoshoot package, we definitely recommend renting a kimono. Don’t worry–your local photographer MM will recommend for you the best kimono rentals in town. This photoshoot lets you explore both famous and lesser-known spots in Higashiyama, so you’ll definitely be able to explore the entire area! Yasaka Shrine, Yasaka Koshindo, Hidden Street, Hokan-ji Temple, and Sannenzaka are just some of the staple spots you can visit, but you can always ask MM to take you to more areas if you wish!

Book It Now: Higashiyama Photoshoot

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best photographers you can hire in Kyoto! Which one are you most excited to work with? Tell us in the comments!

Kyoto is truly one of the most picturesque places in all of Japan. It’s a city teetering in the middle of modernity and tradition, which also makes it one of the most interesting places you can explore. Do yourself a favor and get a local who will act as both your professional photographer and cultural guide! It’s surely one of the best ways to make sure you make the most of your travels.

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