What’s the best part about traveling? Taking photos, of course! Going all the way to a new country is so exciting that we bet you’re already thinking of the kind of photos you’ll be posting on your Instagram feeds. But instead of relying on your own photography skills, why not hire an actual professional photographer?

These vacation photographers in Tokyo won’t just give you the most incredible photos. They’ll also be able to tour you around the best and most photogenic parts of Tokyo! In fact, they’re not just photographers. They’re trusted cultural guides as well!

Without further ado, we present just 10 of the best photoshoot packages you can avail of while in Tokyo. Remember, memories fade–but photos last forever!

1. Neon Photoshoot In Shinjuku

Photo Trips - Neon Shinjuku Photoshoot 1

We’re starting things off with the stylish Shinjuku district. Of course, this pocket of Tokyo is already known for being fashionable and trendy. Restaurants, karaoke bars, boutiques, cafes, and bookstores all flood the area. But without the aid of a local guide, you’ll probably miss out on a lot of hidden spots!

Book this 1-hour photoshoot to get your portraits taken in one of the most trendy districts of the city. Not only that, you’ll be able to explore the true Shinjuku district and make truly awesome travel memories! The locations visited here include Omoide Yokocho, Kabukicho Tower and Kabukicho Dori.

Jay will be your photographer and he specialises in Neon photography. You know, those stunning shots that we see all over Instagram. He knows exactly where to go to take those perfect shots.

Book It Now: Stylish Shinjuku Photoshoot

2. Kabukicho Red Light District Photoshoot

Photoshoot Shinjuku Kabukicho

Want something a little edgier? Then why not use one of Tokyo’s red-light districts as your backdrop! This is perfect if you want your photos to come out grittier and just a bit more exciting than the average Tokyo trip. Your photographer Deni will guide you on some very unknown places in the Kabukicho area.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose– Deniz has a lot of experience and he will teach you everything you need to know! Just relax and enjoy the thrill of the moment–we’re sure that excitement will show in the photos.

Book It Now: Kabukicho Red Light District Photoshoot

3. Shibuya and Dogenzaka Photoshoot

Photo Trips - Dogenzaka and Shibuya Photoshoot JG 2

As one of the most famous areas in all of Tokyo, Shibuya has become quite a popular destination due to its hustling and bustling streets. Imagine taking a photo in the middle of that gigantic crowd–we guarantee that you’ll feel like you’re in a movie!

Aside from busy Shibuya, your photographer Jean Guillaume (call him JG) will also guide you to a lesser-known area of Shibuya known as Dogenzaka. He actually lives there so he knows all the secret photo spots there. With narrow streets and not a lot of foot traffic from tourists, it’s the perfect photo spot to capture the lively energy of Tokyo.

Explore Shibuya Crossing, Drunkards Alley, Miyashita Park, and more during this incredible photoshoot!

Book It Now: Shibuya and Dogenzaka Photoshoot

4. Cinematic Couple Photo Session

Of course, what better way to capture the moments with your special someone than with a professional photoshoot? Make your trip even more memorable by having these professionally shot photos to look back on.

With Tokyo’s towering buildings and bright city lights as your background, you’ll definitely capture incredible photos that will wow everyone on your Instagram feed. Trust us, our photographer Deniz knows how to capture both the most romantic and most natural moments between you and your partner!

This photo session is located in Shinjuku so your pictures will have modern and futuristic style. If you want something more romantic, check out our other couple photoshoot below.

Book It Now: Cinematic Couple Photoshoot

5. Traditional Kimono Photographer In Tokyo

Photo Trips - Asakusa Kimono Photoshoot 8

If you want a true cultural experience you’ll never forget, why not take photos in Tokyo while wearing kimonos? These traditional Japanese clothes will definitely add the perfect touch to the photos you take. Don’t worry, your photographer will help you get the perfect kimono as they know many kimono rental shops around the city.

One of the most popular location for this session is Asakusa, where you will find the oldest temple in Tokyo: Sensoji temple. Your photographer Daria will take you to the most famous photo spots as well as a few hidden ones to get the most unique and stunning photos imaginable.

Wearing traditional kimonos add that cultural touch that will make your photos stand out even more so make sure you get one!

If you want to plan this photoshoot in another location, Daria can recommend few other temples in Tokyo that are extremely photogenic and with less crowd. Check out for example this temple with the beautiful red torii gates.

Photo Trips - Asakusa Kimono Photoshoot 7

Book It Now: Traditional Kimono Photographer In Tokyo

6. Proposal and Couple Photoshoot

Photo Trips - Kyo Proposal Couple Photoshoot Tokyo 12

Planning to pop that “special question” during your trip to Tokyo? Then you better hire a professional to capture every single moment! We can’t think of anything more special and romantic than proposing to the love of your life in an incredible country like Japan. Now that’s a way to make your trip super memorable!

Pour photographer Kyo has tons of experience capturing proposals, so you can count on him to be skilled yet discreet. He also know a lot of gorgeous spots all around Tokyo to make your proposal even more memorable. Whether you want ancient temples or natural landscapes as your background, He will guide you every step of the way. He also know plenty of cool spots that look great during nighttime, so you can plan your proposal however you want!

Book It Now: Proposal and Couple Photoshoot

You can find more similar photoshoots in this article about the best proposal photographers in Tokyo!

7. Cyberpunk Night Photoshoot In Tokyo

Photo Trips - Tokyo Cyberpunk Photoshoot 1

Speaking of nighttime photoshoots, what better way to take advantage of Tokyo’s cityscapes than by going on a cyberpunk-themed night photoshoot! Our Japanese photographer Hiroyuki knows the best locations to capture the cool neon vibes of the city. You’ll definitely feel like you’ve been transported straight into the world of Akira or Blade Runner!

From Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa, and more, Hiroyuki will make sure you’ll be able to explore the most vibrant and jaw-dropping neon scenes all around Tokyo. This is definitely a cool and unique way to capture your travel memories!

Book It Now: Cyberpunk Night Photoshoot In Tokyo

8. Kawaii Photoshoot In Harajuku

Photo Trips - Harajuku Photoshoot 1

Did you hear about the Kawaii culture? “Kawaii” actually means “cute” in Japanese and this is one of the most popular fashion style in Japan. And the best way to discover the Kawaii culture is to visit Harajuku, a unique neighbourhood in Tokyo.

Join our photographer JG and visit the most Kawaii and pinky photo spots in Harajuku with him. He will take you to hidden places where you can take very special photos. Make sure you dress for the occasion with pink outfits, the official colour of Harajuku!

Book It Here: Kawaii Photoshoot In Harajuku

9. Traditional Kawagoe Photoshoot

Kawagoe Kimono Photoshoot

If you want something a little more on the quiet and charming side, then why not go for a traditional-themed photoshoot in Kawagoe? Kawagoe is a small town located in the Saitama prefecture, just half an hour away from Ikebukuro Station. Despite being quite near from the hustling and bustling city of Tokyo, Kawagoe provides authentic and traditional vibes that will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Explore this gorgeous little town while taking beautiful photos. If you want to make the experience even more special, why not rent a kimono while you’re at it? Just imagine how the photos will turn out if you go the extra mile and rent traditional clothes!

Book It Now: Traditional Kawagoe Photoshoot

For more similar recommendations, you can also read our post about the best Kimono photoshoots in Tokyo!

10. Cinematic Videoshoot In Tokyo

Photo Trips - Yosuke Video Shooting Tokyo 6

And finally, we’re ending this list with a truly special way to capture your Tokyo memories. Instead of relying on mere photographs, why not go the extra mile and shoot a full-on cinematic travel video? Your photographer will film and produce a video around 3 to 5 minutes long that will capture all your travel moments. Even better, you can post it on your social media accounts!

Aside from the video, this package includes 5 high-quality professional photographs. You can shoot in the Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Asakusa areas–or you can ask your photographer to take you to another unique spot! We can hardly think of better ways to make your trip more memorable than by making a short film of your experiences.

Here’s an example of a video that he produced before:

Book It Now: Cinematic Videoshoot In Tokyo

We hope you found our article on the best Tokyo photoshoots helpful! Which one are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

Memories are so fleeting. One of the only ways we can truly capture our travel memories is through photos and videos–so why not let a professional handle it! These photographers are not just skilled professionals, they are seasoned cultural guides that will take you to hidden places most tourists never even visit.

Going to Osaka and Kyoto too? Make sure you read our selection of the best photographers in Osaka and the best photographers in Kyoto.


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