These days, cafes have evolved. Back then, they were simply known as cozy gathering places or romantic little spots for studying, doing work, and maybe even going on a date or two. Now, they’ve evolved to become true tourist destinations in their own way! In Tokyo, you won’t run out of stylish cafes to choose from. Not only do these cafes boast the trendiest interior and most comforting vibe, but they also sell delectable drinks and treats that will make you feel right at home!

Here are just 15 of the most photogenic and must-see cafes in Tokyo that will make your visit worthwhile. From minimalist ones to cafes with more magical and unique concepts, Tokyo’s got ’em all!

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1. Dotcom Space


We’re starting this list off with a cafe that best exemplifies “Japanese minimalism.” It’s crazy to think that in the vibrant and maximalist area of Harajuku, you can find such a sleek and understated place as Dotcom Space. This is the perfect place to enjoy your daily cup of coffee. Architecture firm Keiji Ashizawa Design made great use of the space to create a light and airy atmosphere that’s perfect to start your day in.

Aside from the sleek interior space, there’s also a small courtyard where you can enjoy the great weather and fresh air! Dotcom Space looks like it’s simply waiting to be the venue of your next photoshoot.

Exact LocationDotcom Space

2. Switch Coffee Tokyo K5


Up next we have every plant lover’s dream: Switch Coffee Tokyo K5! This unique shop may look more like a green nursery at first sight, but it’s actually a fully functioning cafe! Complete with tables perfect for intimate gatherings, Switch Coffee in the K5 Building definitely goes hard on that cozy, natural vibe. Not only that, but they also serve excellent coffee. Switch Coffee is known for sourcing their coffee beans directly from selected farmers all over the world. Inspired by the Melbourne coffee scene, Switch Coffee now has three locations in Japan, with this K5 Building one looking to be the most stylish yet.

You can choose from single-origin drip coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso, or even try out their unique iced coffee made with tonic water. With free Wi-Fi and a calming environment, Switch Coffee Tokyo K5 is one of the best places to get work done–in style, of course!

Exact Location: Switch Coffee Tokyo K5

3. Toraya Akasaka


Who says chain stores can’t also be stylish? The Tokyo flagship store of the famous Japanese confectionary store Toraya is quite simply jaw-dropping. Two storeys tall and placed strategically across the Akasaka Palace, this cafe has a striking wood and glass facade that will definitely make you look twice. With a stylish black lacquer roof and an interior designed with warm hinoki cypress wood, Toraya Akasaka is as elegant as they come.

The entire design uses traditional elements while incorporating that modern touch–a masterpiece by renowned architect Hiroshi Naito. Aside from the cafe itself, you can also explore the basement gallery where you can see how they reproduce the intricate patterns you can see on their pastries!

Exact Location: Toraya Akasaka

4. Tokyo Saryo


Up next we have a cozy little nook you can escape into once the hustle and bustle of the city get a bit too much. Tokyo Saryo is a minimalist cafe that provides an intimate setting for you to enjoy your drinks. Stopping by this cozy little space is the perfect way to catch your breath and rejuvenate yourself before heading back out into the concrete jungle.

Despite its size, Tokyo Saryo sure knows how to impress its visitors! The whole set-up of the place allows you to watch the baristas in action as you lounge on the sleek wood interior. Tokyo Saryo is also known for serving traditional Japanese tea but with a modern twist! The unique hand drippers are definitely eye-catching, incorporating past and present in your drinks.

Exact Location: Tokyo Saryo

5. Uni Gyre


Just when you thought the Gyre couldn’t be more convenient, it also houses the cafe Uni inside it! Gyre is a shopping center in Omotesando that’s filled with luxury fashion boutiques, gourmet grocers, and fine dining establishments. On top of all of that, you can also find the chic Uni Cafe inside this very building. The spacious location is also stunningly designed to create a calming space for all coffee lovers.

With a unique interior made of wooden cubes of varying heights, the entire cafe follows the concept of “nature.” You can see how the floor and the walls actually mimic different kinds of soil to create a comforting and natural vibe. With plenty of greenery and natural light, Uni Gyre is perfect for an impromptu photoshoot! This cafe will have you feeling like you’ve stepped straight into a magical forest.

Exact Location: Uni Gyre

6. Sarutahiko The Bridge


Sarutahiko The Bridge is another gorgeous modern cafe in the Harajuku neighborhood. This roomy space is the perfect spot to hide in as you look over one of the busiest places in all of Tokyo. With comfortable couches, communal tables, and classy counter seating, this coffee shop looks like the perfect photoshoot spot.

Designed by the Suppose Design Office, Saratuhiko The Bridge deftly presents modern Japanese design with a touch of the traditional. From wooden shoji panels that divide the seating area, handsome bonsai trees near the entrance, and a massive central wooden table, you can feel subtle elements of traditional Japanese aesthetics all over the place yet the entire cafe is still undoubtedly sleek and modern. Aside from being eye candy, this cafe is also very conducive for getting work done as they have multiple outlets and available seats!

Exact Location: Sarutahiko The Bridge

7. Kayaba Coffee


If you want a cafe with a little bit more of a vintage personality, then this next pick is perfect for you! Kayaba Coffee is located on a charming street in the retro Yanaka neighborhood of Tokyo. What’s more, it’s a kissaten, or a traditional Japanese teahouse that also serves coffee. It’s a space that fully embraces traditional architecture while also putting on a mid-century modern touch here and there.

The facade of the coffee shop will definitely catch your eye as it’s located inside a traditional machiya-style house! The interior, on the other hand, is welcoming and cozy while still serving that authentic vintage flair. With two floors, you won’t run out of room in this stylish cafe!

Exact Location: Kayaba Coffee

8. Connel Coffee


This next cafe is simply stunning. If the warm cherry wood planks aren’t enough to catch your attention, then the floor-to-ceiling glass windows definitely will! These jaw-dropping features make you appreciate the greenery of the outdoors, adding a touch of zen and natural beauty to an otherwise very sleek and modern cafe. Located inside the Sogetsu Kaikan building, Connel Coffee is also conveniently near the Akasaka Palace grounds, so you can always count on a killer view from the inside.

It’s the perfect place to just relax, people-watch, and maybe even get in a sentimental photo or two. On the other hand, Connel Coffee is also perfect for doing remote work because they provide free Wi-Fi and plenty of power outlets for all of your devices.

Exact Location: Connel Coffee

9. Sakurai


This next pick caters a little bit more to the tea lovers–but don’t worry, they serve coffee, too! Sakurai is located on the fifth floor of the glamorous Spiral Building in Omotesando. It’s a quaint little teashop renowned for its incredible blend of teas. They make their hojicha (roasted green tea) in-house so you can count on getting a unique and truly authentic taste. They also offer seasonal teas that will soothe you from the inside out.

Designed by Shinichiro Ogata, this small but impactful space was created to give you a multi-sensorial tea experience. It’s not just a feast for the tastebuds, but for the eyes, and indeed the soul as well! With stunning views of Tokyo right below you, Sakurai is the perfect little hideaway nook to get away from the bustling crowds. With a minimalist interior and cozy seating arrangements, Sakurai definitely stands out as one of the most chic spots on this list!

Exact Location: Sakurai

10. Koffee Mameya Kakeru


In Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, the self-proclaimed “coffee capital” of Tokyo, you’ll never run out of incredible cafes to choose from. Yet even in this neighborhood, there is one coffee shop that stands out, and that’s Koffee Mameya Kakeru! This stylish joint is not your average coffee shop. Sure, you can easily purchase drinks and even coffee beans for takeaway up front, but Koffee Mameya Kakeru caters more to “serious” coffee drinkers.

The entire back of the store is reserved for customers trying the coffee-tasting courses which start at ¥3,000 (~$20). Here you can explore a wide range of different roasts and drinks, some of which you can only get right here in this little coffee shop. What’s more, you can watch top-notch baristas make your drinks right in front of you because of the smart interior design and open area.

Exact Location: Koffee Mameya Kakeru

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11. Ogawa Coffee Laboratory


Coming all the way from Kyoto is this beloved brand of coffee shop! Ogawa Coffee Laboratory has set up its flagship store in the residential neighborhood of Setagaya. The spacious and stylish interior was designed by the Yusuke Seki Studio. With muted tones and huge floor-to-ceiling windows, Ogawa Coffee Laboratory is a safe and relaxing haven to get your cup of coffee.

The shop also makes use of natural lighting which provides a warm atmosphere for its patrons. With richly textured plywood counters accented with white washi paper designs, Ogawa Coffee Laboratory is a testament to an understated sense of style! Of course, they never forget their roots. To add a touch of Kyoto to the shop, the floor is inlaid with old stones from the city’s tramways. What a charming detail!

Exact Location: Ogawa Coffee Laboratory

12. Blue Bottle Kitaya Park


Amidst Tokyo’s concrete jungle, you can find the cool Kitaya Park! This is a revamped urban park in the central part of Tokyo that is now home to a lot of cool and artisan boutiques and shops, including the Blue Bottle Cafe. This modern cafe has an interesting design featuring brown volcanic tiles that definitely add an earthier feel.

What we love most about Blue Bottle Cafe is the balcony area! The 2nd-floor balcony overlooks the entire park. Here you can have your drinks while enjoying the breeze. If you’re lucky, you might even get to catch one of the events or public workshops that are usually held at this artsy place!

Exact Location: Blue Bottle Kitaya Park

13. Chiya-ba


Calling all tea lovers! If you so much as enjoy a cup of tea from time to time, then Chiya-ba is definitely a must-visit. It’s a discreet and understated spot under the Nakameguro train tracks. Once you step inside the intimate space, you will immediately be hit by the Zen vibes. The interior is tastefully done in blacks and dark tones which makes this cozy space feel elegant and elevated.

What Chiya-ba is most famous for is definitely its incredible selection of teas. We recommend trying the two special chai blends: the spiked Khukri Rum chai or the lemon masala chai! If you’re not a fan of milky teas, then why not pick something from Chiya-ba’s selection of specialty Nepalese teas, coffee, or even natural wine and craft beer? The incredibly curated artisanal menu is worth going back to again and again!

Exact Location: Chiya-ba

14. Coffee Wrights + Higuma Doughnuts


Our next cafe is a two-for-one deal! This space is a combination of two beloved Tokyo shops: Coffee Wrights and Higuma Doughnuts. They were brought together by Chab Design Studio and given a location just behind the crowded streets of Omotesando and Harajuku.

What happens when two powerhouse brands combine? What you get is a gorgeous sunken cafe with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, of course! The minimalist interior as well as the great use of natural lighting give this place a comforting and down-to-earth vibe. Of course, the best part is you can enjoy your rich cup of coffee with a wide selection of mouthwatering doughnuts. We can’t think of a better combination!

Exact Location: Coffee Wrights + Higuma Doughnuts

15. Hattifnatt Kichijoji


Finally, we’re topping off this list with undoubtedly one of the most unique–and dare we say, even magical–cafes you can encounter in Tokyo. When it comes to unique concepts, Hattifnatt Kichijoji definitely takes the cake! From the tiny front door, you wouldn’t expect this cafe to have such an explosive personality. But as soon as you step foot inside, you’ll be greeted with a fairytale-like interior complete with dreamy illustrations of animals, children, and otherworldly creatures lining the walls.

Located in the Kichijoji neighborhood, the intriguing cafe illustrations were done by the Japanese artist duo Marini Monteany. They definitely add to the kitschy atmosphere of the place! Aside from being purely eye candy, Hattifnatt Kichijoji also serves delicious food and drinks. Try ordering a matcha latte that features cute latte art! There are also plenty of baked goods for you to snack on.

If you’re curious about the meaning behind the unique name of the shop, it actually comes from a Swedish word! “Hattifnatt” is the name of the cute ghost-like creatures from the popular Moomin series. That’s why you’ll be able to find tons of drawings of these cute little creatures all over the store. Isn’t that adorable?

Exact Location: Hattifnatt Kichijoji

We hope you enjoyed our take on the most stylish cafes in Tokyo! Which one are you most excited to visit? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments!

A stylish city like Tokyo is chock-full of interesting cafes just waiting to be explored. Rather than just simply serving delicious food and drinks, these coffee shops and tea houses are pretty much photoshoot locations themselves. No matter what, Japanese cafes definitely take their interior design and aesthetic seriously, and our Instagram feeds are grateful for it!

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